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Planetary Service: Standing Ready As Agents of Spirit

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Some months ago now, I was contacted by a Theosophist with a bone to pick. He considers that our involvement in what I have come to call the Mythic treatment of 2012, was discreditable and a blot on our track record. Many do. He asked me to make a public apology for misleading the public, which I declined to do on the grounds that in 2018 it was not timely. The fact is that if I were to make a public apology, it would not be for scaring people in the run up to 2012, but for not scaring them to better purpose. I am sorry that the strategy was not successful.

Although they knew the strategy was a gamble, the Hierarchy went for what Castaneda calls ‘the millimetre of chance’, through evoking ancient flood fear, which has an entirely physical focus. More than any other thing, the Hierarchy feared that Westerners would intellectualise away the physical aspect of a process, which we must experience physically.

The Mythic treatment of 2012 ensouled a simple message: Get the hell out of it whilst you can, and start laying the foundations of a new order.

Look at us now, just seven years on and before we have faced the consequences of Saturn meeting Pluto in Capricorn in 2020: trapped in lives in which we can find no point or any way on from, in societies that are breaking down at an accelerating rate assailed by ill-health and depression, grabbing at anything that can displace our uncomfortable realties for a little while; and because we have little or no hope to pass onto them, consigning our children to live in the same spiritually-impoverished way.

Perhaps those who have moved to New Zealand, whatever their motivation, represent that millimetre of chance.

The rest of us have another choice to make now, and that is to sink into hopelessness and impotence, or to find the opportunities in this state of affairs as did, we are told, the shamanic practitioners of Mexico after the arrival of the Conquistadors. They learned new powers in the face of provocation from the invaders and from being contained by them that took their understanding of their opportunities onto a different level. I have always been encouraged by that; it could be thus for us now.

For a start, we do not have to load the situation in which we are caught up with negativity. There have been good and bad times since the dawn of history and the difference that they make to our daily responsibilities for ourselves and others is negligible. We could simply get on and do what we know we should and could in order to live well in our own space.

We do not need to focus upon what people/governments/regimes/societies are doing wrong, reeling away with a sense of helplessness from these dramas of treachery, corruption, lying and sleaze that the media brings to us daily. The perception that the answer lies ‘out there’ in a different political party or different leaders is an illusion. The fact is there is no answer ‘out there’. ‘Out there’ the only real option is to start again. God himself does know what to do with a population of 7 billion and rising, a global debt in the hundreds of trillions also rising, and societies so complex and interconnected that to move a single piece triggers an immediate reaction from something else equally undesirable. So He is leaving it to nature. We could do the same. Only those who are truly prepared to give up everything to start again need to know what they must do differently in order to start the process of re-learning how to share the planet.

The rest of us can still look for the opportunities ‘in here’: within our lives and space and attend to what matters to us differently. We could focus on the changes that we can make to challenge the sense of helplessness.

I have a number of clients who have broken out of habits of apathy and indecision through having to fight to get medical treatment for themselves or their children from a health service not wanting to spend the money. They have learned assertiveness from the process.

There are a significant numbers of Initiates of the Fifth coming into incarnation now to help build a new order when Pluto goes into Aquarius. We could co-operate with this and take the trouble and provide the means to educate children in human possibility, not leave them to pick up whatever shiny bits they can find for themselves in a culture committed to showing us the darkness in ourselves.

Client work also shows me that illness is the opportunity that it always was, but for different reasons. When the Sixth Ray was active, the spiritual opportunity of illness was, primarily, in the opportunity that it provided to rethink, re-evaluate, and to experience the kindness of others who were caring for them. Now the Fourth Ray has replaced the Sixth and the opportunity is in taking responsibility for self, in exploring alternative methods of healing and in using mind power.

The admirable Mrs. Hinks who discovered that housework and the setting of goals was the best antidote to the anxiety and depression that stalked her has attracted an army of followers on Instagram, who have found out for themselves, very rapidly, that what she is saying and recommending so unpretentiously, is so.

Within the spiritual paradigm, the time of the Masters, as we knew them from Theosophical literature, is now over. The Hierarchy is still on the Buddhic plane doing what the Bodhisattvas have always done for humanity, but the Masters (collective; numerical value 4), the vehicles of ‘Externalisation’, (think user interface) created over one century from intentional thought form, has been dismantled, wound up with the Sixth Ray.

The Master (singular; numerical value 1) is now within, and those with causal bodies in formation and certain planetary connections to create an alignment, can use their own energy fields to bring through the energy of Agnishwattas, the quality that expressed itself through the form of the Masters.

This is an active role, an expression that requires the choice of a creative frame, a destination to provide the focus and points of reference for the energy that we can bring though. We call it Planetary Service because this energy comes from the Buddhic plane, which is the heart of the Planetary Logos. Being looked after, provided for, or rewarded for goodness are now perceptions belonging to a different era of spirituality, and a different stage on the Western path.

At DKF-K our concern is providing for and empowering ourselves. We use the techniques of Esoteric Astrology to help people manage themselves, their potential, and their connection with the Buddhic plane. We read the natal chart as an energy circuit and see the route through to personality that Spirit would take were it to be invited in to seek expression itself through the creative capacity of the individual. Thus empowered, they can take their lives where they want them to go and contribute.

The very idea of the need for a spiritual teacher requires close examination now. The guru may have been part of the drama and aesthetic of the New Age, serving the functions of Awakening, and raising solar plexus energy over the diaphragm, i.e., early stages of the spiritual journey.

Beyond that stage there is to be made a choice that, generally, we do not anticipate, because we do not ask ourselves what we want our spirituality to achieve for us or where we want it to take us. Generally, we start the spiritual journey, willing to escape from the pain and dreariness of our daily lives on whatever bus comes along with Spirituality on the front. It is a question that, eventually, we have to be able to answer because they require different routes and choices, but until we are ready to answer it, simply living more consciously and getting ourselves in hand will serve us.

If we want to bring our lives under better control, to make a contribution in our time to our Planet through them then Western teachers on the Path of Evolution may be able to help us over different stretches of the path, as we bring life, time and intent into alignment. Provided work for others is involved, this route can take us as far as the opening of the brow centre. It is for this that we are developing the idea of Planetary Service.

I am pasting into this article an essay written by a young DKF-K student because I consider he nails the Planetary Service opportunity, which he describes as standing ready as agents for Spirit.

If, however, we want the wonders that attend the opening of the crown chakra and its connection to the base centre, the process that we call Enlightenment, then we should make that choice and not leave it too long because if we are fortunate enough to find a teacher to assist us, the number of years it will take is in double figures. Such teachers belong to (i.e., have given their lives to) traditions or lineages, and were themselves in submission to teachers who conferred upon them permission to teach. We will have to enter a tradition to find them. This is the Path of Accelerated Development, and it is where the power to release us from our personalities resides. There is no other route to Enlightenment.

Spirit, like electricity, travels down conducting rods. Spiritual lineages are such conducting rods, and flow stops when there is a break in the connection, as there will be when permission to teach is withheld. This is why those who leave a tradition or lineage, to teach in their own name and join us on the path of Evolution for the thrills and spills that enlarge the Human Experience, leave much of their spiritual power behind and, by rights they should leave their titles behind also, because both - the power and the status - are the properties of the tradition or lineage and are not for sale or export.

Time spent with such a guru or teacher can give an aspirant a valuable energetic pick up, but I would not spend too long at anyone’s feet, indulging in the mutual flattery that underpins the guru/teacher-in-the-West scenario. What serves us now is an awareness of energetic realities and intelligent choices based upon them.

So authority is being discredited, systems are breaking down, and integrity in public life seems to have become a risible expectation, but we still have ourselves to rely upon, and this could fill us individuals with a sense of possibility and liberation.

Suzanne Rough
November 2018


People fail to understand the complete meaning of the word "individuality."

We usually apply this word to people who are either flamboyant, loud, iconoclastic, subversive, or a mixture of these qualities. These qualities are what define individuality in our minds as Westerners. We see the outworkings of this definitional bent in our culture: the glitz and glamour of the corporate entertainment mill presents the glorification of this stage of individuality. Separateness, specialness, and self-obsession are three peas in a pod that encompasses all that constitutes the glamour of Western individuality.

Merriam-Webster's website defines individuality as "1) a: total character peculiar to and distinguishing an individual from others OR b: PERSONALITY." This definition is particularly important to us as consciousness-raisers, for it succinctly describes the desire-idea central to the Western ethos; this stage of individuality is where we find the World Disciple. Never before in known human history has a crisis of this level or magnitude approached us as a whole, and as a result, we are scrambling to find the key to the new lock that has formed around our throats. This world crisis is what Nietschze foresaw when he infamously stated "God is dead." At this point in development the split between white and black magic begins.

There is a second definition of individuality given by Merriam-Webster: "2) archaic: the quality or state of being indivisible." Here lies the key. Individuality must come to be understood as not us being separate and indivisible within, but rather as us being indivisible from that which surrounds us. With this shift in understanding, the maintaining of internal individuality can remain, this time in connection and harmony with the higher unity that undergirds us all. In order to make this shift though, we must find ways to bring the higher into the lower. No wonder the Fourth Ray fields current mass spiritual perceptions; this process of refining form in order to let in light from above, having always gone on, now has specific importance. The Fourth Ray rules shifts, transitions, and ultimately, rules us as true Individuals. The Human Hierarchy (fourth up and down) is the level of the Monad, Spiritual Soul, or that which is indivisible, both within AND without. If we are to survive as spiritual seekers and disseminators, we must refine the raw materials of our personality in order to stand ready as agents of Spirit.

The Christian depiction of the Devil comes from the awareness of the danger of over- intellectualization. As with all polarizations, necessary or not, there is an imbalance which will be corrected. As someone who is particularly polarized in the mind, I must open further my heart (FOURTH chakra), in order to erode the mental boundaries that maintain the heresy of separateness and the assumptive judgments that follow. This is how it is for many others, especially our generation. Many feel the pain of the world as well as the desire to fix it; our throat-centered realities, however, threaten to distort or downright squash the very impulse to expand group consciousness that is now being felt everywhere.

We say Jupiter is gone and now Saturn is here, and this is partially true: the personality indulgence, arising during a posh period of material abundance that was called then, as now, the New Age, is impossible to most of us now. That was a product of the now-fading Piscean Age. The higher astral energy that Jupiter blesses us with is on a global scale no longer active to those who stay within the domain of the personality. As a result, we are left with a sense of limitation and harshness that serves as a double-edged sword. One edge leads to God, the other, Death. Death results from the perception of separation that lays the ground for individualities' first definition; God comes from the second definition.

Locks are designed to open with the proper fitting key - the key made from the patterns that release us from the grip of solipsistic materialism. This is what Suzanne refers to when she uses the word "magic." Magic means to bring the higher into the lower through the proper sequencing of the lower. With this in mind, we can fashion keys with whatever plane(s) of the physical we involve ourselves with in our creative work. One key does not work for every lock, and some locks require more than one key. So on we must work, fashioning keys, and when we have succeeded in the creation of one, we must make copies and offer it out to others in the hopes that we find more locks that it will fit. This contribution is a key in its own right.

Jupiter is not gone, nor has it reduced its output of inspiration and well-being. It is simply not readily available to the personality anymore. Through Aquarius, Jupiter serves the individual Soul and its development, and connects us also to its Hierarchical energy from Virgo, which we need to help people wake up to the fact that we need these keys. Jupiter is available to those who are capable and willing to cut the fat from their personalities, and sequence themselves in order to bring our higher principles into our lower selves. Only then can we take our rightful place as the synthesizing principle of the Earth. This is the magic of true Individuality.

Brennan Mikel