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Since when has economic prosperity and having the Establishment on its side ever served spirituality!
Don’t buy into the negativity.
These times are the best of times for aware individuals, if we know how to manage ourselves and our opportunities.

Welcome to DKF-K!

DKF-K was set up 21 years ago in very different world from the present, but we know that there is still an important role in it for intelligent, conscientious astrology.

DKF-K embraces two areas of activity:

General Interest articles for astrologers and non-astrologers posted on this website which has its own restricted access Area for members of the Ark Scheme, where certain copyrighted material can be accessed.

DK Foundation School of Astrology which is committed to making a contribution to the raising the standard of Western astrological practice.
We are now offering a 3 year Graduate programme which is a blend of self-study and formal teaching. In Autumn 2020 we will be taking in a small number of new students. DK Foundation does not charge fees for teaching but candidates are required to sit and pass an entrance exam. That we are able to operate in this way is due very largely to the generous support of friends and associates who share our view that commercialism should be kept out of an esoteric school.
Details of the syllabus and entrance exam will be available from January 2020. Please watch the homepage notice board Meanwhile, those who might be interested are encouraged to join and visit the on-line Astrology Workshop to get a feel for our astrological community.

Whether you are simply an occasional visitor or a potential student, we hope that you will find something of value on or through this site.

‘Humanity is that evolution through which the Son (consciousness) aspect is to express itself most perfectly in this cosmic incarnation.’

Master DK, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

There is much to do.
Suzanne Rough 2019


The On-line Astrology
Workshop is now
closed for the summer.
We reopen on
September 25th 2021

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Article of the Month | July 2021

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Making a Journey of the Lifetime

Making a Journey of the Lifetime

New Release Available Here

Notice Board

  • Graduate Course - We have decided to put back the date of our next graduate in-take until Autumn 2022. This enables us to see our present students through to graduation and gauge from their experiences in the post-pandemic world what adjustments may need to be made to the course

DKF-K Publications

  • Understanding the Natal Chart - It has come to our attention that the Kindlisation of this work has made many of its charts illegible. We are truly sorry about this but in some cases we have very little (or no) control over what finds its way into the Kindle and e book formats. 

    Please find the charts available here as pdf download from Dropbox.

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Astrological Readings

From DK Foundation
Owing to on-going Covid-related travel disruptions/uncertainties, our summer 2021 Teaching Programme has been cut back to a bare minimum, and Suzane is opening the Readings List early this year. If you are interested in having a reading or an update, please contact [email protected] for further details. Prices remain unchanged: £90 for a first reading; £60 for updates.