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"In the light of your own intuition and illumined mind (developed and brought to usefulness through meditation), take that aspect of the teaching which suits and aids you, and interpret it in the light of your own need and growth." ~ Esoteric Psychology 1, Lucis Trust.

Archived Articles

Contemporary Spirituality

New Age Fall-Out

The Way of Men

Shortcomings to power


Making Ourselves Useful

The Habit of Waiting

Spirituality in Everyday Life

Rolling Away the Stones

The Golden Thread of Consciousness

Going There to Come Back

Honouring the Rules

Five Basic Concepts



Creating the Synthesis

Recognizing Opportunity


Conversations with the Magi


The Magi's Light Bearer

Chiron, Sapient & Healer

Our Star of Direction

Through the Doorway:1

Through the Doorway:2

From Where We Stand Now

Releasing the Spirit 1

Releasing the Spirit 2

What it Means to be Ourselves:1

What it Means to be Ourselves:2

What it Means to be Ourselves:3

Ten Commandments

Ten Principles of Conscious Living

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 2

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 3

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 4

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 5

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 6

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 7

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 8

Ten commandments of Everyday Living 9

Ten Commandments of Everyday Living 10


'Sir, I have Studied it'

Spirituality of Consumerism?

New Beginnings

Hearing it a Different Way

The Rage of Angels

Indonesia-The West's response

The dilemma of the Fourth Ray

Getting right the balance

Learning to make things happen

Per Ardua ad Astra

Creating a different reality

Difference between heaven and hell

Stealing Across the Sky

Spiritual Issues of our Time

Thinking About Change


Relationships-A Matter of Helping Ourselves

Getting Real

Getting Real- Introduction

What is Spirituality?

How are we to understand the soul?

What is the Purpose of Spirituality?

What  do we need to live Spiritually?

What does Spirituality Involve?

Why is it we fail?

What is going on in my life?

What kind of work should I do?

What am I supposed to be doing?

Will I ever be happy?

Will I ever meet someone?

Where are we all heading?


Introduction à la Fondation D.K.

Exposé de notre mission
Dernière Lettre du Mois
À tous nos visiteurs 1998 – 2007
Le Projet de l’Arche
Jusqu'à présent

Cinq Concepts De base

  1. Le But
  2. Le patrimonie
  3. Creer la Synthese
  4. Reconnaitre
  5. La Responsibility

Images Astrales

Dix Principes de Vie Consciente

Les Dix Commandements de la Vie Quotidienne : 1

Quand le remède devient le poison

Le Mirage de celui qui se croit « Spécial »

Comment traiter ce qui est absurde
Trois Lettres
Créer une Réalité Différente
La Différence entre le Ciel et la Terre
Se Frayer un Chemin dans le Ciel


Les Dix Commandements 2
Les Dix Commandements 3
Les Dix Commandements 4
Les Dix Commandements 5
Les Dix Commandements 6
Les Dix Commandements 7
Les Dix Commandements 8

Obtenir Vrai

Devenir Vrai

Devenir Vrai 3



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