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Planetary Service: Getting There and Getting Here

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The idea of holding down the negative in self in order to access higher levels of consciousness, together with the terminology connected with it, have defined Western spirituality in the Christian era. They lead us to understand that our spiritual task is to make the adjustments and improvements in self that will restore us to our essential prelapsarian state.

This is the Path of Return, which has an open-ended quality because the spiritual process is in the journeying, not the destination. We get onto this path from wherever we stand and just keep going, i.e., improving ourselves, with or without help from others, on the road that leads ever onwards, its end lost in Neptunian mists. 

Theosophy describes the quality of Ray 6, which has shaped the Path of Return, as Materialising the Ideal, i.e., active – continuous.

In New Age thinking, Alignment, the process of bringing together the personality in incarnation and the Soul on its Own plane in order to permit the absorption of personality consciousness is the destination of this path, still misty and remote in the way that about the Soul talk usually is, when it is accepted as a given, but rarely defined or explained, 

In New Age terms this was Getting There.

If we are determined to penetrate those Neptunian mists in order to merge with Soul, we will stay within a religious or spiritual tradition and accept supervision that will enable us to escape the cortex of personal reality. We cannot do it alone, although Western spirituality has never really faced up to this and it is the reason why the spiritual development in the West effectively stops at the Third Initiation (the First Major Initiation), which gives an intellectual appreciation of our potential and a certain amount of understanding about the energetic realities underpinning the process that we call Spirituality.

Materialising the Ideal, i.e., active – continuous is what we have been conditioned to expect from spirituality because this is the Ray 6 perception package that is central to Christianity and to New Age spirituality, which increased the intellectual component and added reincarnation and a few other trimmings to remove the Christian emphasis upon the Fall and take us on from the focus upon the sinning desire body that we bring under control at the Second Initiation.

For those of us who, for whatever reason, are not signed up to that open-ended route, there is another route onwards and that is the route of Getting Here. This road leads back into everyday life. It is neither long, nor open-ended. It involves a destination in the form of work in the world. There are no Neptunian mists and very little magic (although there could be – usefully - a lot more magic), but it leads to opportunities to apply the esoteric knowledge that we have acquired, and in doing so set up developmental situations for ourselves that will enable us to begin the process of applying mind to matter, learning to manifest and opening the brow centre, which gives us planetary consciousness. This way we advance ourselves with our service frame as our teacher. This is Planetary Service, and it works in the world with our physicality and that of our Planet. 

It is a path of service, not servitude. It is for individuals, primarily, but not exclusively, those who have taken the Third Initiation in this lifetime or prior to it, who wish to make a contribution through their creativity, and finding their own way to do this whilst learning to tune in to the needs of the Planet. This focus and commitment can take us to the Fourth Initiation.

There is no point in giving the Fourth Initiation the glossy packaging and hard sell. It is not consumer friendly and it has ever commanded its price in the form of hard work, betrayal and perceived failure in the eyes of the world. It is the stage of refining being through purposeful endeavour, discipline and learning from our mistakes, and that includes extravagant perceptions of self picked up at the Third Initiation. Because one has not yet been tested, the Initiate of the Third Degree is in love with his potential and with himself, the means of realising that potential; the Initiate of the Fourth is humble because the real world has shown to him that he has much to be humble about. From this place of humility we can love and help others.

The joys to be experienced on this path are those of learning to be consciously human and personally effective: to be disciplined; to know when to step up and when to step down, how to be reliable, how to make things happen and, eventually, how to manifest. These capacities support a lifestyle structure, within which the self-centred personality, if not wholly deprived of oxygen, is pushed onto the sidelines to make space for the creative individual.

But first we have to get here, use bodily awareness and have practical knowledge skills, techniques and creative confidence if we are to do that. 

Ray 4 brings together the dense physical and our higher principles so that experience of contact no matter how brief changes awareness; it uses art forms to change our perception of the world; it uses illness and its healing to change awareness; it uses body and energy work to prevent negativity taking root in our minds and bodies.

The Moon and Mercury govern Ray 4; the planet Chiron distributes it in our Solar system; the scar on the Soul represents the portal to a new approach to life. Master KH put the brief into my hobo stick when I set out to find a way into Shamballa in 2010.

I now understand that the real opportunity is not to find Shamballa in the mists on the Path of Return, but to let Shamballa find a way into us; to make ourselves a channel through which it can reach into our needy worlds, our own personal world and that we share with others. This can happen when we have a frame, a sincere intent, a commitment, a certain amount of esoteric knowledge and a sincere wish to make a contribution. Getting Here is the concern of DKF-K now. 

This route has been made relevant by the number of Third Degree Initiates in Incarnation in the West now and by the importance, at this time, of the Fourth Ray, the Ray of the Healer and Artist, which has now replaced Ray 6 as the supplier of spiritual nourishment. 

Many of those working in the medical profession, prison, ambulance and hospital workers, teachers, aid workers, care and social workers, are on this path without knowing it, without being interested in spirituality, and without the same expectations of developing their creative capacity or willingness to think things through for themselves. They may not take the Fourth Initiation in this lifetime, but they are making a deposit that may be called upon later. 

If the Ray 6 language of the Path of Return wants to persuade us that this is not spirituality because it is ‘not mystical enough’, reconsider. This route Gets us Here and working at what we say matters. What gets us nowhere is wandering around lost, angry and disappointed, dismissing New Age ideas as flaky and irrelevant to our hard world, yet not knowing what we are doing and why it is we never get what we want.
These are the chronic issues that my clients have now.

Come down from a high place and join those practitioners learning to make things happen, learning to read the message of illness and criminality and work on its healing for yourself and pass your experience onto others. It is a great liberation and a great consciousness raiser.

Suzanne Rough
DKF-K 2018