Ark Fund Shares

The purchase of just one share confers membership of the Ark Scheme and access to the Workshop-DKF area of this website.

The DKF-K Ark Scheme supports our educational activities, whatever they are in any one year. Participants typically buy Ark Shares to express appreciation for the work that we do in offering out ideas for consideration and for our commitment to raising standards of astrological practice.

The purchase of just one share confers membership of the Ark Scheme and a numbered share certificate gives access to the Members’ Area of this website which includes the On-line Astrology Workshop when this is open.

In the Members’ Area we post restricted access articles and manuscripts (Please note that all material posted up is under copyright to DKF-K and is for members’ use only.)
The On-line Astrology Workshop offers the opportunity to raise questions and receive help with astrology problems and calculations and raise questions about main site articles with Suzanne and the team. The Workshop is friendly, helpful and very carefully monitored to ensure that all postings are constructive, relevant and have no political bias.

If there is no interest in using this service, and then we say simply and sincerely thank you for your donation. 

We ourselves use a tithing principle, giving 12 percent of our income to support a small portfolio of ‘good causes, all non-political and non-religious, mostly local to UK where DKF-K is based, but we also support Wikipedia which freely provides so much useful information for astrologers.

In 2020 DKF-K activities include launching a new website, preparing new astrological studies and exploring the educational potential of pilgrimage in places of astrological significance.

Single share … £12
Five shares……..£60
Ten shares……….£120

Suzanne Rough