Looking Again at the Astrological Houses:

Astrology housesAll that a human being experiences whilst in incarnation can be fitted into the twelve houses of the astrological chart.

For an astrologer, the question may well be which house for which experience, but nothing that the personality experiences has to be left outside this framework.

In the hands of a Hindu astrologer, the houses categorise physical plane life to an extraordinary level of detail.

In the last fifty years, trends in Western astrology have required the houses to accommodate emotional and mental states. And this they can do provided we understand what we are looking for and what is the underlying principle, which will find a suitable category for a specific experience. For those who use horary astrology, this is a familiar activity: after timing the question, identifying the houses, which will provide the significators, is the next step.

The houses are categories in the mind, and if our minds can open up to register the messages of a higher world, then the house system can too. If the personality can experience it, the house system can record it.

In this series of articles, which follows on from Bringing the Wasteland Back to Life, we will look at the houses with a more spiritual focus than that given by orthodox astrology, with the intent of building an understanding of the working of the planet Uranus in our lives.

Nothing in these articles requires anyone to reject the traditional house delineations. We are simply adding to them in order to release ourselves from the limitations inherent in any closed system of classification.

One of the things that serious astrologers come to realise is that astrology that is focused exclusively upon the personality and its fortunes in the world, will perceive and present as negative, experiences which represent liberation for a person who is close to soul–personality alignment. This is never truer than when talking about the experiences brought by Uranus.

The reason that I dislike the effect that Hindu astrology has on the Western mind, is that it screws us down under the law of probability with the sheer weight of detail about what is. Where is possibility then? And where then, one might ask, is the point of Western development, which in the vehicle of individuality, is taking us on the road of possibility?

For the purposes of my book, Transitional Astrology, I identify three groupings with significance for Western development.





Houses of Personal Consciousness

Physical body

1,2,3 & 4

Building a personal reality.
Strengthens the throat centre

Sun & inner planets: make a person more aware of personal effectiveness.
Saturn: challenges a person to become more aware, and more discerning in his dealings with the physical world.

Outer planets: moves a person on from a self- referencing focus, and identification with the physical plane.

Houses of Relating Consciousness

Emotional body

5, 6,7, & 8

Conscious interaction with others.
Strengthens the connection between the solar plexus and the heart centre

Sun & inner planets: make a person aware of abilities that he has which can help and benefit others.
Saturn: challenges a person to become more aware of himself in his dealings with others and, perhaps, less dependent.
Outer planets: move a person on from aspects of relating that are no longer beneficial to development. Moving on may involve taking relationships onto a higher level.

Houses of Universal Consciousness

Mental body


Strengthens group awareness.
Develops Egoic and, later, Monadic consciousness

Sun & inner planets: indicate qualities and abilities that express themselves well in a group context, as part of a team or part of a cause.
Saturn: challenge a person to become more aware of the quality of his associations, or more self–reliant.
Outer planets: move a person away from identification with a specific group or kind of group, in order to become more individuated.

The Moon in any house indicates that a memory working through this area of life will try to draw awareness back to it.

Planets in any of the Water houses: 4, 8 & 12 indicate that awareness will go onto a new level via the experiences brought by the planet in the Water house, e.g., Venus in H12 is an agent in permanently (i.e., benefit carried over to other incarnations) strengthening the personality’s connection with Universal consciousness; Mars in H8 permanently strengthens the personality’s connection with Relating consciousness.

To be continued.

Suzanne Rough
March 2015

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