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In 2016, the appearance of the Astrology of the Individual, a system of ideas and techniques for practicing Astrologers in the post 2012 world, marked the first stage of a three stage process honouring DKF-K’s commitment to Planetary Service.

The second stage is an understanding of Planetary Service and of our individuality in this context. To this end, we will be writing a series of articles for Astrologers and non-Astrologers, of which this is the first.

The third stage, scheduled for 2019, is concerned with empowering the individual.

Essentially, Planetary Service is a conscious offering out of creative capacity, in accordance with the design of our lives, so that is available as a Planetary resource. It is a process similar to generating your own electricity at home and then sending it to the national grid.

The document that shows the nature of the creative capacity is the natal chart, constructed in the customary Western way. The difference comes in at the level of interpretation and the interpretative techniques used, to which the Astrology of the Individual is the guide.

Orthodox person- centred astrology would not ask of the chart the questions that will disclose the answers that we need for this task, because it deals with what we have to give out in return for money, status, recognition, pleasing expectation or any of the other reasons that dominate our lives when we live in the world of the personality.

We have no issue with any of this. Orthodox, person-centred Astrology has its rightful place here, in a world that will reward us if we are fortunate, and surely teach us something whether we are fortunate or not. 

But Planetary Servers give differently, not for reward or recognition. A creative individual has a responsibility to put something new into the world, not simply flog weary clichés. A Planetary Server understands this and does not want to be restricted by what has gone before. We give of our authentic best, regardless of what the world will make of the contribution we have to make. It is our responsibility to find a way onto the national grid with a contribution in which we believe and which expresses our function, regardless of how well it is generally understood or received.

Those techniques of Esoteric Astrology that connect an individual to the different planes of our solar system, reveal the level of development, function, and which area of life an individual’s creative capacity is designed to be used. All planes of our solar system are represented across the human family collectively.

It takes courage to ask the question what is the nature of my contribution because within all of us, at least at first, will be the hope that it will bring opportunities of the kind we have been conditioned to perceive as important and which bring approval, recognition and rewards plus a feel-good buzz. That was the way of the New Age; then, not now. Now the appeal is not to the personality, but to the Soul. The reply that comes back from the chart addresses the matter of the optimum expression of our creative capacity, which is an expression the Soul made through the personality.

We arrive at authenticity by way of a journey that begins when we consciously start with some activity that enables us to get the measure of our creative capacity. Perhaps we will have sought guidance in this matter, perhaps not. In my experience, it is encouragement to take the first step that individuals need, rather than orientation.

With experience and the passage of the years, we will become more focused and more refined in our expression of that energy, and we will not let fear or apathy stand in the way of where we could go with it. A confident Planetary Server will engage the help of other beings on the plane to which we are linked through our creative capacity, and will not do so naively either.

Planetary Service is not for the faint-hearted. As Bilbo Baggins famously said of travelling: You set your feet upon the pathway and there’s no knowing where it will take you.

Evolution has granted Westerners Individuality; it is for us to make it a resource. The alternative is to wait in a world without hope for a future that we have not made consciously. Yet our resources are everything under the Sun, or they could be if we found out more about our individuality.

Look around you, and at what has happened to your own life in the space of a few short years. Here is the evidence of the shift that took place in 2012. Where is inspiration, idealism and the sense of possibility that the New Age encouraged? What will be the spiritual legacy passed on to our children if we do not offer resistance, physically, emotionally and mentally? What will be their future? 

All our efforts at DKF-K now are focused upon helping individuals into Planetary Service. 

  • An Internet version of Astrology of the Individual is available in our Member’s Area. We recommend that those with Astrological knowledge who are interested in the idea of Planetary Service start here.
  • DKF-K holds teaching events for Astrologers and non-Astrologers in USA. Details of which are available in our Members’ Area.

Suzanne Rough
April 2018