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The First Step

DKF-K’s present crop of young students is the best that we have ever had. We do not spend a lot of time on compliments because we have other things to do, but I would like them to know this.

They are sincere, determined, hard-working and honest with themselves about themselves. They also have first-class minds, and are aware enough to know that they are not yet one with the ideas to which they have opened up.

For me and my older colleagues, their openness and excellent powers of communication have meant that we have been able to understand something crucial about the journeys they are on.

Whilst the motivation behind the quest of these young spiritual aspirants remains what it has always been - a new angle on life involving less suffering, more fulfilment and a future beyond the personality - the path that they must take is different from that for which we ourselves searched and may have started out upon. The reason for this is that they are joining the path in a different place. A higher place? Yes – and no.

I read recently something sent to us by Patricia Costa Robles who said that those being born now are Initiates of the Third Degree. Not all are, by a long chalk - Esoteric Astrologers can see the level of development in natal charts if they know where to look - but a substantial proportion of those who are now turning towards spirituality may well be. Our own students certainly are.

As such, they do not have the questions that we had about what is it all about and what is spirituality? They can provide these answers for themselves after a short time of reacquainting themselves with spiritual culture, assisted in this undertaking by the Internet. What they want to know is how to make what they know about changing reality from within impact upon their daily lives and whether the sacrifices required will be worth it.

They are generally realistic about the pros and cons of spiritual development. They have a greater sense of self-responsibility, but less inspiration than we had. They know that having something and someone in which to believe is not, on its own, enough, and they do not trust the saviours and gurus who, because Ray 6 was still active and under the impress of Christianity, made New Age spirituality what it was.

That culture encouraged us to expect to find a teacher and a tradition to which we would be devoted and that would take us all the way to Enlightenment. That was writing on the New Age tin, even though the furthest it was ever going to take any of us was the Third Initiation, because Western spirituality in the modern age has never found a way around and on from the intellect, and mostly forgets to look.

The children who are a product of that awareness are here now, with very highly developed minds and lower vehicles of varying levels of stability.

Their primary need has to become more realistic about the requirement to get the lower vehicles under the kind of control that can withstand the pressures of modern life.

This is where the Ray Four healers come in. These healers, instructors and therapists do not need to know the secrets of the Universe in order to tell us how to heal and manage our physical bodies so that we can achieve what we say is important to us.

This is a vital first step for these intellectually-polarised individuals. It is a form of recapitulation, just as reacquainting themselves with spiritual truths is, only its value is less obvious to them than mental reconditioning.

It is upon this reviving of the awareness of the need for emotional and physical control (once known or they would have not have reached the Third Initiation) that spirituality turns at this time when it is not difficult to develop a lifelong dependency on drugs – medically prescribed and others - that dull the existential pains of both the aspirant and non-aspirant; or perhaps it is more accurate say that it is difficult not to develop a life-long dependency upon drugs.

The pressures may be different, but essentially this challenge confronts all Initiates of the Third Degree, in any time or place, who will initially struggle with its implication. At this level of development, in order to move on into understanding, the essential requirement is to come in from the cold and take our place amongst humanity again, in order to assist the development of human consciousness. This is the nature of the service required for the Fourth Initiation. This gets us out of our heads and over ourselves.

Of course few come down willingly from a high place into service in daily life, but the alternative is to occupy a sterile space, furnished only with a sense of specialness and self-importance until death and old age claim us.

Theosophy groups and esoteric societies are full of such lofty individuals and always have been. They have much theoretical knowledge, but they can make nothing happen in the physical world and have no tolerance at all for those who do not have their level of knowledge. Having read the entire Bailey library will not open any doors for us after death; but it may encourage the personality to make intelligent decisions about life and time whist we still have them.

There is no straight, direct road from knowledge to understanding to Enlightenment or Liberation for Westerners. Our sense of individuality offers us something else, for which our evolutionary path better equips us: to get here and be conscious, creatively potent, authentic and able to contribute to the creation of a future for ourselves and others. But first we have to get our vehicles healthy and strong under good management to get rid of the props that compromise and weaken us and enable others to control us.

Those who want something different should take themselves East to Eastern teachers and have their Western personalities broken up so they can follow the specific steps used by the tradition of choice to take them out of existence. No one takes those steps alone or on their own terms, least of all we Western individuals, who might well never take them at all. Most do not, but will assume that they have. Egotism plays this kind of trick upon us, and never more so than at the Third Initiation where we tend to confuse knowledge and understanding.

Understanding is not having a library on the bookshelf or in the head; understanding informs the being and is expresses itself in every aspect of daily life. We are one with it and a product of it, and our world is formed from it. As a man thinks in his heart so he is - and so too is his world.

Master KH left a checklist for us of the things that we must be able to be and perform consistently in everyday life at this time. We will need energy and Will to meet these basic requirements. When we can, then we are safe to release our creative capacity into the world as an act of service. In this way we are our own teacher and the creator of our own world.

  1. Know where you are and what you are doing at every moment of the day - avoid drifting, daydreaming and fantasising.
  2. Have your intention always before you - set goals for the day and at regular intervals during the day realign yourselves with them and confirm intention.
  3. Keep your living and working environment clean and tidy.
  4. Dispel negative emotion as a matter of psychic hygiene as you would wash your hands after coming into contact with anything unclean.
  5. Be honest in deed and truthful in word – avoid exaggeration and compromising the truth for the sake of a good line, dramatic effect, or sympathy.
  6. Show appreciation to others at every opportunity.
  7. Donate some time and effort every day to the world at large: e.g., pick up litter, feed the birds, put out water for animals, plant something – avoid becoming motivated by the gratitude of others and the expectation of reward.
  8. Do not meet anger with anger.
  9. Do not gossip or bitch about others, the weather, life – or indeed, anything else.
  10. Do not watch TV as the default setting for free time – your mind is being controlled and your emotions manipulated.

Suzanne Rough
May 2018