Creating A Space For Spirit

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The conditions of a solitary bird are five:
The first, that it flies to the highest point;
the second, that it does not suffer for company,
not even of its own kind;
the third, that it aims its beak at the skies;
the fourth, that it does not have a definite colour;
the fifth, that it sings very softly.

San Juan de la Crux, Dichos de Luz y Amor
Reproduced by Carlos Castaneda in Tales of Power

With the Astrology of the Individual, now pasted up in complete form in the Member’s Area of this website, DKF-K brings to a close the uncertain five year period that followed the changes of 2012. 

As I have said in other articles, that period commenced with a completely open mind about what, if anything, Astrology could offer to the post 2012 world. 

We can no longer ask for guidance as once we did. We had long known this would be so. Direction is given, but that is something different from guidance. The Master is within now: two has to become one. We have to find our own ways; break new ground; ground new ideas; make them work, attract higher energy; expand the Universe as we expand our own lives. 

Our quest passed through several stages of searching for clues, and moved on, eventually, to an application of Astrology designed to stabilize, organise, and direct the Soul-connected personality. 

The concepts offered in Astrology of the Individual are few; the emphasis is upon purposeful activity and learning from the doing of it.

With that in place, we can now make what it is that individuals want to bring into the creative space we have made, the focus of DKF-K

A colleague asked me recently to define the difference between Soul and Spirit, because for a Westerner, spirituality means Soul; Spirit, by contrast, is something vague and ill-defined but obviously connected to Soul in some way.

The Life-force that descends through the planes of consciousness to create all in manifestation - the Solar system, the Earth system and the organic life upon it - is Spirit. 

As it descends, Spirit collects from five planes in order to provide what is needed to create a human being.

We engage with it in its lowest expression in Nature’s forms, which include the human family, but once we learn, as individuals to manage our own energy fields we can begin to engage with it on a higher plane and use that creative force for objectives of our own. 

With Christianity, Western spirituality became focused upon the disciplining and refining of the physical and emotional vehicle, not as prelude to handling Spirit, but as means of developing Soul.

The human Soul is a knowing substance, created from the awareness generated from our experiences here in incarnation on the physical plane, and stored in the causal vehicle on the Mental plane, able to mediate between physical and Spirit.

Spirit is what comes down; Soul is what goes back.

This emphasis on Soul has given Western spirituality its defining quality. It is not the Western way to be concerned with the knowledge that the more we develop ourselves, (and that involves managing our energies efficiently), the higher the level of Spirit with which we can engage, and the number of worlds that it can open up to us. 

Western spirituality keeps its eyes on the Soul. At DKF-K, we too keep our eyes on the Soul, and focus upon what, with the help of Spirit, the Soul-aligned personality can bring in to assist the passage of the human family on Earth. The Vingilot System finds its role here.

If we are to take this route, we have to know what Spirit requires from us; we have to know how to attract Spirit. It needs the correct mental orientation, and that means ridding ourselves of a lot of Western negativity, heaviness and self –importance, and becoming lighter and freer. We will never have the power or abandon of the magicians from other cultures who have not trodden the road to the Soul, and which has informed our consciences in a certain, indelible ways, but we can surely wake up our lives and our creativity, and invigorate our relationship with life itself,

Add a pair of bird legs to the glyph for the sign Sagittarius and you will get the idea.

Birds have ever been the symbol of Spirit; and those born under Sagittarians are the closest to the bird kingdom.

At DKF-K, we work now for the young people, especially those with Pluto in Sagittarius, who are solitary birds (in the sense of non-aligned), free birds, designed to spy out from the wreckage of a crumbling world order, the way on and the places in which to plant the flag of Spirit. 

They are too young, as yet, to be much bothered with what we are doing, and the generation gap is too great for us ever to be of much interest to them as personalities (which is a great freedom for both giver and recipient), but what we leave behind may serve them when they come across it. 

Astrology will remain our frame of reference and peg upon which we hang our teaching.

For we older ones, the same ideas can serve as a structure within which to continue toning up and better directing our own lives, perhaps with less spiritual angst and a bit more enjoyment in the business of being alive than was the case than when we ourselves were young.

We hope you will continue to visit our website if you are interested in esoteric perspectives, and attend our teaching events if you wish to learn more about astrology’s techniques.

Suzanne Rough / October 2017