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birdI am sure that many of our own readers have received the Seed Thought emails from Michael Robbins of the IAEA group, who is attempting to limber up the intellect to assist us in the matter of engaging with Spirit. Michael calls his own efforts quixotic. I call the intent commendable and found some of the Seeds most helpful. Western spirituality has not taken this route to Spirit since the time of the Druids and, as yet, we are poorly prepared for the journey.

At DKF-K we are attempting to find responses to the same challenge, and most happily, do we leave the semantics in Michael’s hands! Our focus is energy management to enable us to make adjustments of our expectations and our lives and avoid sinking deeper into the negativity that is assailing us all now, even when we are sleeping.

It was from this state of degeneration that in the years before 2012, the Hierarchy urged us to move ourselves. Whether the strategy used to achieve this was suitable is unimportant now. What matters is that we did not move, in any significant numbers, and now we have to take what action we can to stay awake, and to try and use the challenges to develop inner strength. If we are to commit to this we need a new appreciation of ourselves as creative beings, and we need personal power in order to deliver. Only then does the option of calling upon Spirit to create a different reality have any practical relevance. It is for this reason that we are offering the Astrology of the Individual.

If there is anyone reading this who does not share the perception that everyday life has become less free, more pressured and more chaotic, then please be in no hurry to take it on!

Hold to the perception that you have and live with it as fully as you can. But most of the rest of us have some boundaries to reinforce if we are to stay functional.

Of course there are ways and means to make this time useful to us spiritually. There always are ways and means, but they may not always conform to our preferences and expectations. We don’t need things to be right or comfortable. We would prefer that to be the case, of course, but what we need to understand is that nothing fortifies the Spirit of Man like the challenge of adversity consciously recognised, consciously accepted and consciously handled.

‘Consciously handling’ adversity includes recognising and stopping the unhelpful things that as social animals we do every day, and of which we are often quite proud, without considering the disempowering consequences.

It is a basic premise of esotericism that we do not feed the negative with energy and attention. Yet spreading negativity has become something that each of us can now do so effortlessly and relentlessly in the belief that it achieves something and casts us in the right light.

They include:

  •  Accessing altered realities through drink and drugs. We come back to a harder place with nothing resolved.
  • Keeping ourselves ‘informed’. We are paying a huge price for this as we are drawing in negativity and falsehood every time we switch on our TVs and computers to read the latest shock/horror/ outrage. In what ways are we better off for knowing these things that spread fear, distrust and negativity? Unless we are prepared to organise ourselves to be activists or participants, working purposefully for change in the outer world, we should keep it out of our lives and not pass it on to others. It is the equivalent of passive smoking when we are not ourselves smokers. It is not the mark of an aware person to denounce and complain about the state of the world; it is the action of a person who does not yet understand self-responsibility.  The aware person puts up or shuts up.
  • Swapping gossip and speaking negatively about personalities whom we know or don’t know is destructive. Expressing distaste for Donald Trump may be an easy way to make friends, but collectively we have created these leaders, and should keep our focus upon what is going on inside ourselves. At least we stand a chance of understanding and doing something about it here, which is where the realities that we are living are really made. We are here in 2017 because this time is expressive of our own quality of awareness and corresponds to the vibrations that configure time and space. Now, it is for those of us with spiritual awareness to make it work for us by coming to a new awareness. This is true self–responsibility. In the outer life we face the reflection; we address the problems we see within our own lives, because they come from within ourselves. We might not change much about 2017, but we are making a future for ourselves in another time. This is what Spirit requires of us and with what Initiates of the Fifth degree concern themselves.
  • Talking about ourselves and our way of looking at life whether on the phone or social media is spreading out our wares for approval and acknowledgement.  We don’t need to make ourselves accountable in this way, and it can be a high price to pay for support. We don’t need approval or agreement. We don’t need to be right. We need simply to know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and do it.  This is the point of being an individual.

The theme of this article is Autonomy; trying to remain true to what our own experiences tell us is important and not be eroded and influenced by pressures from outside in order to feel empowered, not impotent. Inspiring examples of goodness are all around us in our communities everyday, but we will not see them if we are talking into our phones about ourselves or righteously bewailing human folly.

In support of a more autonomous perspective, the following five pieces of practical advice are offered. 

  1. We should always have a clear aim, whether it is simply tidying up at home or masterminding a project. When we recognise that we have lost the plot or gone into a negative frame of mind, we should stop ourselves and restart. Attention-to-detail is one of the best ways to dispel a negative frame of mind, because it very quickly challenges and arrests the entropic process. It does not matter how many times a day we have to recommit to what we are doing; it is building a foothold for Will as surely as regular exercise of a limb builds muscle.
  2. Rather than identifying with external results, we should tune in to how well we did whatever it was we set out to do that day, week, month or year. If we do not think that we gave it our best then we should identify the points at which we sagged, and try to understand why that happened. Get time on our side. (In this context we recommend the article on octaves in the DKF-K archives). 
  3. We do well to keep our own counsel, assess our own performances, and stop complaining. If we have accepted self-responsibility, complaining is indefensible.
  4. We will benefit physically and psychically from taking up yoga or one of the martial arts, and being prepared to engage regularly with the activity. 
  5. We should also do something each day that gives us pleasure because it is expressive of a part of us that we know is worth something and that can contribute something.

In the UK we have a saying: if you don’t use it, you lose it. This applies to creative individuality, and has never been more applicable. Political correctness is a template that suffocates what is individual. It is death to discrimination, integrity, honesty and ultimately, to the Spirit.

Whilst I was writing this article, I received a communication from a reader in contact with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi teacher. At DKF-K we are on different Rays, we operate in different countries with different methods, but what we share is appreciation of the need to clear space around ourselves, whoever we are, in order to let the spiritual being breathe and be nourished. I so applaud the idea of setting aside seven days in January to consciously engage with this task that we have reproduced it below in full for our own readers.

The basic recommendations for the 7 Days of Rest include:

  1. Silent time - alone and together, reconnecting to the sounds of stillness that enable us to recalibrate with the wisdom of our bodies and nature.
  2. Minimize all work, consumerism, media and social media activity – (if possible, a full consumerism, television and social media fast). This ideally means connecting to the virtual world only for the purposes of joining focused global meditations or programs relating to human and planetary rest, healing and replenishment.
  3. Clearing the body from toxins and eating only plant-based food – as fresh and organic as possible. Different dietary suggestions will be offered on the website for optimal detox and nourishment.
  4. Breath, yoga, sound and movement practices that support the body's rest, healing and replenishment.
  5. Meditation, prayer, intention setting and practices that cultivate deep listening, intuition and spontaneous visions.
  6. Practicing gentle loving communication with one’s self and those in one’s environment.
  7. Rituals dedicated to the healing and replenishment of oneself, the planet and the entire Web of Life.
  8. Communing with and honouring nature, animals, the plants and the elements.
  9. Journaling insights, dreams and intentions.
  10. Connecting consciously to the 7 Day global prayer and meditation field either online or offline.
  11. Practicing living in gentle, simple community and extending one’s field of compassion to all beings.
  12. Envisioning a healed world.
  13. Gratitude for all that is healthy and nourishing in one’s own life and in the world.


"There is a pressing need to heal ourselves and the Earth—a call to return to a place of reverence, a way of living that honors life and all of its inhabitants. But first we need to rest in our busy lives and find silence.

Silence draws us inward, away from the clutter and distractions of our outer life, to the deeper roots of our being. Here our soul nourishes us; here we can be replenished; and here we can help replenish our world.

The Earth is dying from the ravages of our culture, of our materialistic nightmare, polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and starving our soul from its natural connection to the sacred.

In the silence we can drink deeply of the waters of life that are still pure; we can commune with the primal forces of nature; we can return to what is sacred and essential to our life and the life of the Earth.

7 DAYS OF REST is an opportunity to turn inward, to rest and replenish. But most important it can be a time to return, to reconnect, to allow this deepest communion of our soul and the soul of the Earth. Only from this place of reconnection can we hold the light that is left and begin the essential work of healing and redeeming our abused Earth.

She who gives us life and sustains us with her endless generosity needs our care and attention, and especially our love. Love comes from the silence and speaks to us of the divine that is within all life, and the oneness that binds us together in the great web of life. We need to rest and return to love, and allow love to work its magic, within our hearts and the heart of the world."

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Ph.D., Sufi teacher and author: Spiritual Ecology: 10 Practices to Reawaken the Sacred in Everyday Life.

We are deeply grateful for this poignant "Wisdom Offering" from internationally renowned Sufi teacher, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee in support of the


Recently a DKF-K student asked, if the Angels do not have Free Will why did they fall?

They fell because they did not have the Will to resist the involutionary process and its agents.

Have we?

Suzanne RoughDKF-KNovember 2017