Adversity’s Other Face

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Collectively and individually, we humans will rise above adversity if we remain interested in our lives. When we do, it is a spiritual triumph, which makes the opportunities to do this, expressions of grace. This gives adversity another face.

Human development would not sustain itself in a world without adversity, but we work towards a world when it may, because this strengthens the human spirit. What kills the spirit are self pity and the victim’s mentality, which reduce the adventure of living to a process of getting what is familiar on our own terms.

What the personality perceives as adversity is an opportunity for spirit. This admits of no exception and no life is exempt from it. Adversity is built into the design of the personality to give us opportunities to move out of familiar patterns into a new appreciation of ourselves and of life’s possibilities.

Competent Astrologers can see this in the horoscopes of their clients, are able to explain its role and help their clients see its other face. But only the client can accommodate trauma brought by adversity in a way that permits life to flow on.

A society protects itself through taboos and laws, and it is to be expected that it will discourage and restrain the kind of self-centredness that has no interest in, or ability to see, a larger picture.

Most parents will instruct their children in the ways of safety and citizenship, and it is to be expected that they will encourage them to learn to share and not to interfere with others, nor allow others to interfere with them. This way, children are given a chance to learn how to balance self-interest and the common good.

The job of the counsellor and therapist is not to do that of the legislators or the parents. They do not need to deplore the breaches of expectation, identify with the suffering, or take sides. Counsellors and therapists with an adequate level of awareness know that there is only one response to give to people who have suffered trauma. There may be different many ways of delivering that response, but the message is always the same: Get over it, and claim back your life.

We are living at a time when taboos are being overturned, and laws are breached as they have ever been, by those bent on personal gratification and gain. What changes is the nature of crime.

As the throat centre becomes more active, then the sense of self becomes more insistent, levels of ingenuity rise, and sexual preditoriness increases, because the throat centre is fuelled by the sacral centre. Together, sacral and throat create an enhanced sense of entitlement and need to prevail, which seals us into self-centredness.

This kind of crime that this mentality generates, floods product onto our consumer markets in the form of books, video and computer games, which entertain us law-abiding people whilst subtly eroding the boundaries between what we consider acceptable and what we do not.

This is part of our world and we will not turn this around for as long as it makes a lot of money for a lot of people and provides entertainment for millions. We are not that wise.

The law lumbers along in the wake of market forces and attempts to regulate the most dangerous and offensive aspects. Outrage may well play its part in getting legislation in place, but what about children and adults who fall into the clutches of those whose sense of entitlement and need to prevail makes them flout the law? Social agencies may be able to assist the effort and the law may be able to offer redress and material compensation, but who is going to alert them to the fact of spiritual compensation from which they are cut off for as long as they too are caught up in the mentality of entitlement and the need to prevail?

Not those who are outraged, or offended, but those who are sufficiently detached to understand that adversity is part of the human condition. We too will do our intelligent best to avoid bringing misfortune upon ourselves, our children and our societies, but when it happens whether it is brought about at the hand of another or by what the law calls an Act of God, (and there is a level on which these two are one and the same), we will change gear, encourage adversity to show its other face, and start the process of redeeming the suffering.

Get over it, my friend, and here is how. These are, surely, the kindest words of all.