The Three A’s

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As we embark upon another round of astrology teaching at DKF, it is worth considering that the three R’s – Reading, Riting and Rithmetic – which in UK, at least, are considered to be the pillars of education, have their counterpart in the three A’s of astrology: Answers, Awareness and Appreciation.

The need for answers is what motivates most of us to take up the study of astrology, and if we want answers we have to learn to frame questions and live with those questions.

If we do not have clear questions then we will not recognise answers. I will not give readings to people who do not have questions because it reduces astrology to a form of entertainment: let’s see what the conjurer can pull out of the hat.

Awareness is required as we ask questions and receive answers. Where are we asking from? What part of us is listening to the answer?

A preoccupation or burning issue will frequently bring a person to astrology, but questions about that concern are not necessarily the best way to hearing what might help us manage our lives more effectively, because our focus will be too limited and too bound up with an outcome of a single matter.

We can also be too proud to ask any questions, because we prefer to preserve the image that we have of ourselves as people of knowledge who do not need to ask. There is a whole generation out there limiting themselves in this way. They know who they are.

Appreciation moves energy in a most beneficial way, within individuals and between individuals.

As a young person I was just the kind of intellectual smart-arse that Reshad Feild could not stand, but he let me remain part of his group because he said I ‘knew the sound of gratefulness’. In those days I assumed that this meant that I had said “thank you” enough times.

Saying “thank you” is important, and many cannot say it because they feel diminished by doing so, which is my definition of a lost person. But appreciation is more than this. Appreciation is a willingness to be alert to the situation of which one is a part; ready to contribute on any level whatever we can to the support of the teaching experience. People who are unappreciative are un-teachable because they will try to take without giving anything back, and teaching is an exchange.

Life itself is a teaching experience, and the three A’s are an approach to living, not simply to astrology.

Suzanne Rough
September 2014