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dandelionEarlier in the year, when I drew up the chart for this project, it came as no surprise to me to discover that the degree on the Midheaven is the same degree of Capricorn as that occupied by Pluto in December 2012.

Such connections are the astrological version of genetic coding. They enable us to see from what the new undertaking has evolved, and which principles are providing the continuity.

For the last three years, I have worked from the assumption that 2012 changed our world in a significant way, and have tried to get an intellectual grasp on observable changes; but it is not my purpose in this project to compare and contrast the world before and after 2012. We have looked in at this matter in previous articles, and more importantly, I would not like to encourage the view that the New Age, one of the things swept away by 2012, was a Golden Age for spirituality, or introduce this impression to the minds of a younger generation, who would have no clear memories of their own with which to challenge it. It was an easier time, certainly, for people to explore ideas of self development, and to find like-minded people with whom to engage and talk about these matters, but the easier times do not always deliver the goods.

The present is the time we have, and it is this we must make it work for us, how ever we find it. It is the job of spirituality to rise to all the challenges we face in our daily lives.

Spirituality is a process of raising vibration, and the process is determined by what is being raised from where within the energy field that is the human personality, and to what it is directed. It is not a system of beliefs that creates one shining path of Truth, rolling across time and cultures, which is the way that the religious traditions, which are identified with, and interested in, only their own way, present things.

As esotericists accepting of certain energetic facts, we can allow ourselves to be both relativists and pragmatists, as we challenge the things that lull the personality into acceptance of the domination of material realities, the forms of which differ across cultures and change in time.

The human personality grouping is to be defined as those with developed intellects, who are self-conscious and engaged in thinking about the direction of their lives, collectively and individually. This grouping does not encompass all the human family, nor is it confined those with spiritual awareness. It encompasses those who think about who they are, where they are going and who expect that the choices that they make will influence the outcome. Once the sacral centre is under control and the human soul is able to form, the personality becomes an individual and, although this development does not of itself confer spiritual awareness, it increases control over the personal energy field and makes choice more meaningful.

The condition of the human personality is kaleidoscopic: always shifting always moving in response to forces, often beyond our control, to which we are trying to find a response. In a moving world, we have to move too. There is a danger is within stationary carriages where the illusion of movement that we experience when things around us are moving, makes us think we too are going somewhere.

Astrology, a symbolic language that deals in energy principles, is able to help us understand the forces and movements at work in our lives, and identify the opportunities and dangers created by them. We have find out for ourselves what the dangers are now, in the West; why they should be threats to raising vibration; and what are the responses that would turn them into opportunities. This way we do not need to be fearful and negative about anything that breaks in our lives, looking instead for the opportunity within it. We know it will be there because our way of looking and our fidelity to our commitment develop ourselves will create it.

The Undertaking

The Astrology of the Individual studies the Soul-connected personality.

Using orthodox and esoteric astrology, it identifies: the rightful direction of the personality in terms of life-style focus; the Soul’s developmental intention for the life and how that can be expressed through the personality’s creative capacity (Alignment); the connection that the personality may have with Spirit; and the opportunities manifesting in time through the personality life.

Working and living consciously within the design of the personality is able to take awareness from the third-dimension, the default setting for the human personality, into the fourth-dimension, from where the individual developing Will, has real choice in the matter of how to use the remaining time of his or her life.

Master DK was my teacher for some twelve years prior to 2010, and our work was done using the Theosophical model of the Planes of Nature and Consciousness. But the time of Theosophy was over even then; and when I began to think through the writing up the Astrology of the Individual, I knew I would have to be sparing in the use of Theosophical terminology. It is a fact of life that what was once inspiring can so quickly becomes judgmental, pompous, or simply inaccessible to a different generation. There are few things more off-putting to a person seeking help for life in turmoil than a message that has the wrong sound.

When we have been through planetary shifts such as that of 2012, the obsolescence- factor is the greater.

Master DK never told me what to say, or how to say it, but he held a space in which I was able to make connections, and provided I had worked out the basics for myself, he would make an observation that took everything on...to a higher level...to another theme...to another set of ideas... to another way of communicating

The Astrology of the Individual has come out of that flow.

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