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I wrote Making a Journey of the Lifetime some time ago and simply added it to the other material DKF-K has been sitting on. An unresolved tax anomaly makes me eligible for US taxation on royalties, and in the past four years there have been some very real concerns about just what DKF-K’s payments could be contributing to.

Making a Journey of the Lifetime will now be published later this month, and other publications will follow.

It is a book is about recognising and getting into step with a crucially important cycle that governs the rhythm of our lives, in support of using time well, recognising opportunity and encouraging suitable expectations.

It is written for the changing spiritual landscape in which we find ourselves, which we have considered from a theoretical angle, in various previous articles. The aspiration to live better no longer draws us towards teachings that focuses upon self, as it did twenty years ago, but outwards towards physical realities, a spectrum which has enjoying and appreciating  nature at one end and planetary survival at the other.

If we use the mystically inspired criteria and (frequently confused) ways of looking at spirituality with which we are familiar, we will not consider that this outer focus is spirituality, But depending upon the relationship we make with the undertaking we are engaged upon -the degree of mindfulness present and the intent to give it the best of ourselves- it could be conscious work, which the very essence of spirituality.

Belief is simply the agency, designed to activate the emotional self in order to inspire (or frighten) us into intentional action. This is where esotericism and religious fundamentalism part company. What we believe may give us an identity and get us recognition as spiritual beings, but it is the work on self that those beliefs inspire that is spirituality.

All monasteries and esoteric schools teach conscious work. It is the corner-stone of spiritual development, but the New Age played it down in favour of the feel-good factor which had far more ready appeal, and for many years, the emphasis settled in an unbalanced way on what we knew and what we believed. They, rather than how we lived, made us spiritual beings.

To the people we are now, in the world as it is, the feel-good pitch is looking increasingly unconvincing, if not rankly self-indulgent. To increasing numbers, a belief in the importance of using our creative individuality, our voices and our consumer spending power to look after our planet and education the children who are the coming generation to have a respect for nature seems more responsible in these difficult times.

Such beliefs can inspire action which does the job of raising vibration just as well as any system of ideas provided we use time well, use its requirements to discipline ourselves, avoid causing harm to others, use our time well and, above all, give our best at all times to whatever we are doing.

The space inside ourselves is our own. There is great freedom in realising this and in using it to bring consciousness to the journey we are all taking, whether we acknowledge it or not, on the Path of Evolution, for all the years of our life.

A private and intentional journey through the circumstances of our lives, dealing what truly matters to us and offering out the best of ourselves will put quality in our lives, individually and collectively, with the same immediacy as cleaning a disordered room.

 I would put belief into this now.

Best wishes from all of us at DKF-K. May a peaceful Christmas set us up for intelligent creative solutions to the challenges of 2021.

Suzanne Rough

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