The Generations

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‘For all we thought and loved and did, and hoped and suffered, is but seed Of what in them is flower and fruit’.

In Memoriam A.H.H.
Alfred Tennyson born 1809
(Pluto in Pisces)


In the Wikipedia entry for Persephone, I recently discovered something of interest. From the earliest days of the Greek fertility cult to which Pluto and Persephone belonged, they were associated in the minds of its initiates with the emergence of one generation from another.

Astrologers, who understand the whole job that Pluto does, know that Pluto creates and defines a generation.

Bringing the higher to the lower and grounding it in the lower is Pluto’s true task.

In any given sign, it picks up from the mental plane the seeds to be planted in the form of ideas and values connected with that sign. It then digs them into the corresponding sub-planes of the astral and etheric planes, and thus into different levels of our own being. Pluto uses humanity to bring those seeds into flower in the three lower worlds.

Pluto is a non-sacred planet. Like Earth it does not have direct access to the highest places of our solar system, but its very presence in a sign will activate all the higher sub-planes connected with that sign in our solar system, and they will pass down to the Zodiac on the mental plane what humanity is ready to receive. It is there that it will be collected up by Pluto and distributed by means of those ready to come into incarnation. They are Pluto’s Persephone, as we ourselves are.

When it moves into another sign it will repeat the process with a different set of idea and values on a different sub-plane, and a new generation is in the making.

When Pluto digs in his seeds he has to displace what is already there in the sub-plane that is its target, and in whichever of the sub-planes he is targeting, Pluto will be digging into the stuff of the past, that which the evolutionary process has provided.

This is the aspect of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld that we Westerners recognise, not least because some very fine astrological books have been written about the life-changing experience of having Pluto dig up and expose unconscious patterns. This experience has the power to reduce our individual lives to trauma and crises, and has probably been responsible for making more astrologers and sending more people to consult them than any other process.

But we are less familiar with Pluto and his function of the collector and the bringing down of the seeds. Persephone and the Lord of the Underworld are simply the two different functions of Pluto, the one creative, the other destructive, and life in manifestation embraces both.

In a horoscope, the house position of Pluto is where it will do its destructive work to dislodge the focus of consciousness from that place because it is time to move on and let in the new awareness. When we get over the trauma – if we get over the trauma - we will see the new opportunity.

Students like hearing about Pluto in an individual’s horoscope because most have experiences of their own to draw upon, but will glaze over when you start talking about the sub-planes of our solar system. They consider they have enough going on with its seven planes, but a detailed study of Pluto and the sub-planes is very rewarding to the practicing esoteric astrologer because it highlights the blending of energies that takes place in our beings as Pluto moves through the signs, and identifies the zones of the body where Pluto’s disruptions will be felt as he digs to make room for his new seeds. This information applies to the whole generation.

Here we will simply give an example: when in Scorpio, Pluto on the mental plane, his presence was activating the Buddhic plane (the fourth plane of the Solar system, which Scorpio rules) and the fourth sub-plane of every other plane. The human heart centre is on the fourth sub-plane of the etheric plane, which is why that generation, born 1980 - 1993, understands love, cares only about love and are covered in tattoos of the colour of veins and arteries; quite literally wearing their hearts on their sleeves, legs, heads, and anywhere else they can fit them.

I notice that Harry Styles, born as Pluto was coming to the end of Scorpio, has a large anatomical heart tattooed on a bicep. Slightly grisly with its tubes still attached, it is not the obvious choice of adornment for one as rich as Croesus. Perhaps he will choose the priceless Arkenstone, the Heart of the Mountain next. Or maybe he will simply stay true to the symbol of who and what makes life worth something. Let us hope so.

Another thing to note about this generation is that they are utterly open and lacking in squeamishness about bodily functions. Why? I can only think it has to do with their sense of inclusiveness: The heart centre is a place of synthesis for human experiences. They might not feel much enthusiasm for most of them, but they don’t judge them. A heart without its tubes can’t beat; therefore tubes are part of it. That is their kind of realism.

It will be a long time before we see another such honest and loveable generation.

Detailed information of this kind goes into the On-line Workshop.

What concerns us here is the idea of a new generation as a carrier of new ideas and values into the three worlds that cannot proceed without challenging and displacing what is already there. So often in everyday life we choose to be offended and feel threatened by this.

When I was a kid, to hear an older person mutter sourly ‘The Younger Generation!’ as you went passed in your hippy finery, was part of the acknowledgement you sought. It was the game of rebellion we played, and was, of course, the purpose for which the middle finger was invented. Love, Peace and South London were never a very comfortable fit.

This kind of self-conscious rebelliousness has surely been done to death. The world is not so innocent now, nor so easily entertained.

If there is a greater respect between the generations now it is most likely because we are less sure of where we are going for we perceive we have less to lose.

The parents of my generation considered they stood to lose everything for which they had fought and lived through a world war, and they experienced tremendous anger at our seeming fecklessness and lack of respect for the past in our determination to move on into new opportunities. There was war and mutual disrespect between the generations then, although the idea of becoming a useful tool of insight into the way the mores of the generations served the development of consciousness was paramount.

When Pluto was discovered in the 1930s, it was in the sign Cancer, digging into the lowest sub-plane of the astral plane and from the chakras below the diaphragm, calling up a response from what Master DK calls the ‘animal plane’, the base of the spine. In Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio it was digging into the super-etheric, where are to be found our highest chakras that consolidate our spiritual gains.

Since entering Sagittarius it has been digging into the material sub-planes and stirring up our lower chakras is a very direct way. In Capricorn where it is presently, it is digging into the physical matter that includes our thought forms, in order to displace what is there.

In all cases, Pluto has used us as agents for the changes it needed to bring about into the three worlds. In the lifetimes of many of us, Pluto will return to astral planting when it is done with the physical.

In Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini, Pluto digs into the astral body. It has been there in modern times, but we had not then identified the Plutonian principle. Thus it worked behind the scenes, unrecognised, and any reading about the lives of those born in the 18th and 19th centuries will pick up on the enormous amount of illness that they routinely experienced because they simply did not know how else to describe and deal with what they were experiencing in their emotional bodies. One wonders how they achieved what they did.

If you want to avoid sub-planes simply look at what the younger generations are bringing in, not just at what they are rejecting and throwing out. Better still welcome them. There is nothing random going on. It is all under law, and that law states that we don’t get into incarnation until it is our time and there is a job for us to do.

We should not wonder that our world is as un-lovely as it is. This truly is the close of a cycle, and when they close, all planetary cycles manifest objective consequences from which the human family is expected to learn a better way. This is our job.

Suzanne Rough
DKF-K 2019