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A Year of Being Scared Silly

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war populationAstrologers have long seen this time coming, or rather watched the slow advance of Saturn on Pluto to form the conjunction which will make 2020 memorable for being the year we were scared silly by the global situation, not simply on political grounds but also because of climate change.

The two are connected, because the truth is we cannot afford peace if in a safer world we have time leisure and money to add to the global population and continue to exploit the planet when it is showing us that it has had enough.

There will be all kinds of unctuous talk about peace from the churches, because there always is, but the hard fact is we have not yet earned it, not for ourselves nor for our children, and we do well to face up to consequences of this. If countries inflict serious damage upon each other it stands to significantly and usefully reduce the population.

It does not help to be sentimental about these things. It serves consciousness far better if we are scared silly into re-appraising our values and living with awareness. We are now on a learning curve so steep that we may fall over the edge, but at least it stands to teach us what peace and prosperity have not.

The Hierarchy discovered this in after last war. By the 1970s, after all the chaos, destruction and pain of World War II, humanity was clearly on the spiritual skids back into materialism and a level of exploitative consumerism that they never envisioned.

At the level of the Bodhisattvas, it literally beggared belief that after all we had suffered we should use peace in this way, and it derailed the plans the Hierarchy had for us; but as the English poet, academic and realist, A.E Houseman reflected at the outbreak of World War 1: No doubt man is as God has made him.

Historians tell us that more young men marched away to war in 1914-18 with Houseman’s A Shropshire Lad in their breast pockets than with the Bible. There comes a time when it is a relief to come to terms with the reality we are living and make a suitable relationship with it.

And as we are here again, hanging over the edge and in pole position for learning fast, it is fortunate that God has made man capable of learning from the reality we are living.

What is the best thing we can do at this time? Live well and treasure our lives and the opportunities they contain because, bored out of our minds, dissatisfied, and without focus or sense of purpose or appreciation, so many of us have not.

This sense of the value of what we stand to lose is beginning to return now with Planetary Salvation and Service as our new religion.

The longer time we have with this new awareness, the better we can serve the future. So now that it has our attention at last, we should reflect hard on what we stand to loose and how precious it seems to us, and turn that anguish to good use.

Esotericists know that nothing fixes a new level of awareness like intense emotion. This is why the Toltecs say that the prospect of our death is our best advisor.

These are the very valuable opportunities that the present situation affords us. We do not need leaders to take us to this place; we can take ourselves, our children and our households which is, when one considers the general quality and motivation of the leadership, probably the greatest mercy of them all.

Saturn will contact Pluto only once and this is taking place now. Technically it was over by January 14th but Saturn‘s retroactive quality will extend it until the end of January. Then Jupiter takes over as Pluto’s agent, a connection that fuels fanaticism, but also makes possible shifts in understanding and changes in education provided we are looking for the opportunity to makes changes in our relationship with our planet, and with God, no longer remote but living in and amongst us and in all that exists under the Sun.

There has probably never been a generation of children so willing to take responsibility as those being born now with Pluto in Capricorn. Those with Pluto in Sagittarius are awareness raisers and dissenters; those who come after them will be the workers.

Let us help them organise their minds.

The Ten Commandments of Everyday Life

  1. Know where you are and what you are doing at every moment of the day - avoid drifting, daydreaming and fantasising.
  2. Have your intention always before you -set goals for the day and at regular intervals during the day realign yourselves with them and confirm intention.
  3. Keep your living and working environment clean and tidy.
  4. Dispel negative emotion as a matter of psychic hygiene as you would wash your hands after coming into contact with anything unclean.
  5. Be honest in deed and truthful in word – avoid exaggeration and compromising the truth for the sake of a good line. 
  6. Show appreciation to others at every opportunity.
  7. Donate some time and effort every day to the world at large: e.g., pick up litter, feed the birds, put out water for animals, plant something – avoid becoming motivated by the gratitude of others and the expectation of reward.
  8. Do not meet anger with anger.
  9. Do not gossip or bitch about others, the weather, life – or indeed, anything else.
  10. Do not watch TV use the Internet as the default setting for free time – your mind is being controlled and your emotions manipulated.

Suzanne Rough 
January 2020