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Live each day as your last, and one day you’re gonna be right! Willie Nelson

subplanesIn Spirituality, the obvious has never held much appeal, perhaps because we turn to spirituality looking for another kind of reality. Gurdjieff said that most prayers are a plea to God to make 2+2=5. We can wait our lives away, passively waiting for this miracle. Many people will unless disillusionment sets in first. 

Five is a significant number to the esotericist because it is the number of Individuality, and Individuality is something we have to provide for ourselves.

The default settings for a human being are the fourth mental, emotional and physical subplanes (of the Cosmic Physical plane). The first decisive step on the spiritual path is put in place, through self-discipline and self-responsibility, when we access the 5th subplanes.  This enables the Egoic body to form. From that point onwards we have spiritual opportunity. This is 4+1=5. 

Live each day as if it is your last is true wisdom even if we will not all pick it up in the same spirit or achieve the same result from heeding it. Spending our last day in bed with a crate of beer and dirty dishes on every surface is certainly missing the point, so is filling the day with everything we can possibility fit in. Carlos Castaneda’s teacher put it this way: Let death be your advisor which means using discrimination to assess everything that we propose to do against the prospect of death, and then decide whether it will do justice to our lives in what could be our last day on earth. 

We are living in uncomfortable times, and they will become more so as a largely unrecognized cycle of Pluto comes to a close in the sign Aquarius. 

Since 1799-80, starting out from Pisces, the sign it rules esoterically, Pluto has moved through eleven signs of the Zodiac and is now in the final stage of this journey, having entered Aquarius this month.  (Tropical Zodiac February 2023).

Aquarius is the sign of synthesis.

In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Master DK comments on Aquarian energy thus: “The densest form of expression on the physical plane is after all but a form of synthesis; just as the rarest form of expression on the highest plane is but unity or synthesis of a finer kind. One is the synthesis of matter, and the other the synthesis of life.”

As the cycle draws to its close, Pluto takes on and disrupts the existing material syntheses, on the understanding that having achieved the fullest expression possible within the cycle, the scheme itself comes under the Law of Death. Master DK again:  “In a cosmic sense and analogy, it is the Law that governs the coming in of Pralaya at the end of a system. It is the Law that shatters the cross of the Cosmic Christ and places the form of the Christ in the tomb for a period of time.”

We are not talking about the Cosmic level in this article; we are talking about our low level in the Three Worlds, (i.e., the 4th mental, emotional and physical subplanes onto which we are born) and about the ending of a cycle which is a lower correspondent of the Cosmic scheme. This lower correspondent is one in which Pluto does its work over approximately 250 years (In terms of human expression of new and  different values, 50 more years should be added to this figure to enable a generation born at the start of a new cycle to come of age and leave its mark.)  Christ is pretty much in his tomb now as we turn away from religion to nature, if to anything at all.  Nature may calm and soothe us, or through its challenges it may force us into a greater respect for life on our planet, but Nature has no template to assist our spiritual evolution because it has no interest in it. Nature provides us with physical bodies to live and breed with on the 4th subplanes of the Cosmic Physical plane and strips of us of our etheric substance at death. We are simply part of the our planet’s eco-system and It has no more interest in us than that.  If a whole generation lives out its time walking around like the living dead, clutching phones and consciously or unconsciously blocking out what is going on around them, it makes no difference to Nature because the etheric harvest, gathered up and sent to the moon at death will be just the same but with less struggle. Nice one.

When Pluto was last in the sign Aquarius, in the last two decades of the 18th century, the talk then was of rights and rights are something for which we fight. 

The American War of Independence finalized when Pluto was in Aquarius and a new order was created. In Europe, meanwhile, the French Revolution ran its course and eventually brought Napoleon to power. Having sniffed the air and picked up the scent of weakness and rottenness in the body politic of Europe, he launched what we now know as the Napoleonic Wars.  The old regimes fell. 

A sober estimate puts at 3 million the number of those who were killed fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. This figure does not include those who died through disease and starvation during the time of warfare. But those who survived the years of turmoil became part of a newly configured Europe, the legal structures of which survived long after Napoleon’s death and represented the new order.

The accepted birth time for Napoleon is 11:00 AM, although I would put it just slightly earlier, locating the Rising degree in the very last degrees of Libra, the sign which, through its esoteric ruler Uranus, links up with Aquarius to bring Ray 7 into our planetary system. In addition, Napoleon’s Monadic connection was through the Planet Uranus. He was a man designed for the close of a cycle: bring down the old order and sow the seeds of the new. Through his Libran Ascendant, Napoleon, like Hitler a century later, knew intuitively how to configure men to draw down energy in the way that magicians use symbols. A slightly earlier birth time also puts Saturn in H10 which is associated with downfalls of the kind that Napoleon and Hitler both experienced. Everyone is of his time and has his time.

Our present cycle, which is now concluding, involves a substantially larger world population than the previous and this creates a material synthesis of greater density. This means a greater shake-up in the closing phase. As this plays through, and the new beginnings arise uncertainly from what will be, for sure, soggy ashes, it may seem we have not much to look forward to. But nothing has changed. Assuredly, we could have done many things differently, individually and collectively, but the human family has not got it wrong in an absolute sense. We still have all the same opportunity that we had in times which in retrospect appear more colourful, prosperous and gracious. 

Nature provides us with physical bodies to live and breed with on the 4th subplanes. This is the basic deal for the human family; the opportunity of our lifetimes is created within us when we learn how to live and manage energy to raise ourselves from the place we are set down. We shut ourselves off from this opportunity when, intellectually, we scoff at the spiritual traditions which hold this knowledge. Look beyond the presentations, many of which may seem dated, but the message is not. The raison d’etre of all the major religious systems of the world is raising vibration through energy management.

The talk now in the WASP world is of entitlements, not rights. Entitlement does not expect to have to take responsibility and fight the biggest enemy of all which is inertia. Entitlement takes us back to 2+2=4 and leaves us in a state of passive vulnerability, waiting for a miracle.

Parents, teach your children to live in the material world, not to escape it into cyberspace. There is no opportunity for them there.  Set the example. We start from where we stand, and that is here on the fourth material plane, and we need an unedited life which engages us physically, emotionally, and mentally to learn if we are to take our opportunity: 4+1=5

Live each day as your last, and one day you’re gonna be right!

Suzanne Rough


February 2023