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Spirituality’s Second Stage – An Arrangement in Time and Space

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spirituality stagesWhat we understand as spirituality, those of us born in the previous century, is spirituality’s second stage, the stage in which we consciously adopt and commit to an approach to life.

This approach will challenge the self-centred, self- interested tendencies of the personality, and much initial excitement and a sense of possibility are likely to result from taking it up. The disappointments come later, and they are inevitable, when we find we have not really changed, and have no more mastery over ourselves and lives than we had before assuming a spiritual identity. We are thrown back down then, and left to pick ourselves up. We can try again, try another approach, or lose faith with the process altogether.

The second stage of spirituality remains interactive with the first because commitment tends to be dependent upon perceived results, and when the results disappoint, our sense of commitment suffers, and we are back to the stage of searching.

This is the drama of the second stage, and in our times, spirituality has been organised around it. The New Age took its form from it, offering the personality optional paths, teachers, encouragement and the company of likeminded people, all designed to cushion the inevitable fall. In those years, because we perceived that we had a future as spiritual beings, we talked a great deal about ourselves, our spiritual journey and where we considered we were heading. This was its own kind of encouragement to the easily discouraged personality, and it fed the vision, which is the purpose of the second stage of spirituality. At this stage, Enlightenment is admitting the light of possibility to the personality.

It is this second stage which 2012 has all but removed. The vision is no longer there. We think in terms of tomorrow, but not of the future, because we are exhausted by the demands made upon us each day. It is as if our heads are being screwed down ever tighter onto our necks, wherein, of course, is the throat centre. Where there is no vision to challenge identification with the personality’s perspectives, then we get inundated.

This is why spiritually aware people are encouraged to move away from pressured urban environments to places which are supportive of a higher vibration. It increases our chances of keeping a vision alive and our head centres open

We were told it would be this way. We were told that 2012 would separate out those able to move into the head centres from those who are raising energy from the solar plexus to the heart, and that there would be two different circuits. 

When I am asked whether I consider the matter of 2012 was well handled, my honest answer has to be no. But we were not mislead, not in any way. Surviving is all we are doing now in the post 2012 Western world. Our lives are shaped by the financial demands that our lifestyles are spawning. The screwing down of the head into the neck will not stop, and it will not be long before remembrance of anything other then daily survival is lost. When light shines into the personality now, it reveals the bars of the cage. Our energy and resources are focused upon the matter of how pay what is due before penal punishments for late payments increase the load even more intolerably.

In the way that we do when we are not sure how to think about something, we have gone silent on the matter of spirituality. What, in truth, does it offer us now? What do we tell our children to expect from it?

Spirituality offers us what it has always offered the personality, and that is way on from itself, but the route has to change, so that its second stage interacts with the third. This is the stage at which we find the purpose of ourselves, something that is intelligible to the throat centre which will not make time and energy available to anything of which it does not see the point. 

The throat centre is the seat of rationality. It drives the personality, and our spirituality had to answer to it now, not circumvent it as was formerly the case in the days of Sixth Ray devotionalism. Spirituality has to make out its own case, and that case has to be credible. This is a dangerous step for spirituality, because it takes it very close to enemy territory, rather than standing aloof from it, but for spirituality these are dangerous times.

Truth does not change, but our relationship with it does.

We will look at spirituality’s third stage next.

Suzanne Rough
May 2014