Like them or not, these are our times

In Article Of The Month, These are our times by wjjhk


There is a phrase in English – living unto self. Admittedly it is old-fashioned now and it does not even have a particularly appealing ring, especially to those of us brought up amid ideas of inclusiveness and sharing in which we have expected spiritual merit to reside. Nevertheless, it is in living unto self that we will get most out of the present times.

Living unto self means referencing our own values and standards and living in compliance with them. Selfish? That depends entirely on what our values and standards are: they may be quite unselfish.

Living unto self is about living in accordance with conscience. If we do not do this, then we are letting ourselves down and living a lie. We are our own spiritual authority and supervisors in times of living unto self. 

The spiritual landscape is kaleidoscopic, receiving and finding response in the unceasing process of change within our solar system. The forces of change are innumerable, and each new development must make a relationship with the others. Religions and spiritual traditions may give the impression that they have it sorted. They have not; they too are part of the flux. Each of them will preserve a core of unchanging Truth but if, in the way they offer out these core Truths, they will not respond to change their influence stands to become counter-productive, even regressive. Most of us are aware of this, even if we do not know how to think about it. 

The human family shuffles along the best it can in this changeable weather, opening up to different kinds of ideas, and rejecting others, alternatively putting our faith in transcendence and then materialism, belief and rationality, emotional intelligence and intellectualism, East and West. From time to time, thinkers appear who shed a new light and create clarity, for some of us, for some time. There are times of inspiration and times of confusion and disillusionment. Nothing is fixed, nothing is sorted because humanity the mi-fa internal in Solar Octave. We represent a certain kind of opportunity which challenges and refreshes the larger evolutionary process within the Solar system. We represent its differential. What we get wrong collectively is as important as what we get right. It may sound like a game of pinball, but this is how it has always been: humanity provides the seed bed which permits individuals to evolve.  

What is constant is built into the human condition: to live at a higher level we must build higher bodies and put ourselves under different laws and timescales. How that is to be done depends to some degree on the tradition we follow but the differences between traditions, which may seem significant at the outset of the journey, will merge into one, later on. In the West we call this undertaking soul development, and Esoteric Astrologers can see how individual lives are constructed around a certain way of approaching this undertaking.

We do well to accept our condition. Assuredly, we cannot change it, but we could make it work better for us. Times when we live unto ourselves serve the determined and focused individual. 

Each of us is an opportunity and what we do with the years of our life has bearing upon the collective opportunity. This includes the relationship we make with things as they are in our world, including the relationship that we make with external spiritual authority. Collectively, we could agree to write spirituality out of the story that we are creating, although it would be a mistake to call the Western intellect’s line of least resistance free will. 

We have time to use but not to waste, and we are wasting time complaining about the way things are, feeling entitled to something different, and idealizing a past with which we surely found fault when we were living it.

The present is a time of relative freedom in the West, and we will not have it for much longer as the 2030s will present major geographical upheaval. Of necessity, our values and priorities will change. 

 In the 2040s new ideas and new teachers will appear to help pull together a new world, but for now these are our times, and we must take stock. The focus upon 2012 was a strategy to get a critical number of people relocating to safe locations whilst it was still easy to do so. It is far harder now and will get harder still. What we have are our consciences to set the standards we need to meet, and the time of our lives to do the best we know how. We have, in fact, all we need to live unto self, but our opportunities are determined by time, and it is not now our side unless we use this knowledge to give ourselves focus and our efforts to live in line with conscience.

Suzanne Rough