What is the Point of Spirituality? | What can Astrology do for us now?

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In the years running up to 2012, I was unsure what kind of role would exist for astrology in the new order. In part, this was a philosophical matter; in part it was personal because I have undertaken to work in a certain kind of way with astrology within the spiritual paradigm. We cannot be all things to all people, even within a particular field of expertise.

In the years immediately prior to 2012 there were also practical difficulties connected to giving readings: it seemed disingenuous to use the language of possibility when we had no clear idea of what the physical constraints upon us Westerners would be in the post - 2012 world. Fewer and fewer clients came forward anyway, because they did not know what they wanted to find out, or even if they wanted to find anything out. 

If in doubt, wait and see.

Nearly one year on, we see things that are the same, but different. We have recognisable lives to carry on with, but where do we want to go with them? Where is vision now? The throat centre, which is now in control, does not deal in visions; it deals in intellectual projections of the known, which perpetuate what we have already experienced. It is not fresh and inspiring; at best it is ‘improved’, that term much used by those in marketing. 

Ask yourself what do you want from your life? You will find that it has become harder to hold a picture of how things might be because the grip of material reality is that much tighter, and the cost of change that much higher.

It is the Alta Major centre that deals in visions, drawing energy down from the Crown centre, which supports Man’s highest principles. We now have to work very hard to keep open that connection with the Alta Major centre, and to see with clarity that thing of value beyond the horizon, because the throat is sealing the personality into the lower worlds, like a stopper in a bottle. 

After a break of over two years, I returned to client work this summer, but readings are no longer the two-hour spiritual buzz that once they were. In general, clients are unsure of what they want and what good news will sound like. They come somewhat apprehensively to see if there is anything they ‘should know’. Having heard it, they can’t then decide whether they are pleased or not.

The message is always the same: decide what is important, and then organise your life around it. A reading can assist this by clarifying, explaining, and identifying times of opportunity. But the work of grounding opportunity has to be done by the client, and it probably will be hard work. That is the way it is. Anything that helps us to get real and to be in the right place in time to take an opportunity is good news, surely, even if it is not comforting

To those with spiritual awareness, our restless personalities are the vehicle to take us onto the next stage of the journey of consciousness, and we should feel grateful that we still have the means to do this. Our choices are to drive forward or to stay where we are and accept the diminishing returns. To get out of the car park is a start. The kind of dreaming we did in the New Age is just plain fantasy now, and it is so utterly unconvincing, it no longer inspires nor informs. 

This is how we grow up spiritually. Didn’t we go through something like this when we got too old to make magic worlds out of plastic toys? The magic is still here, but it is not in the car park. It is in the Heavens amongst the stars.

There is only stagnation in standing in place. If we want something different, we have to get interested in the journey that takes us on. This is where astrology can help us still. If you are interested in how, please read my earlier article Transitional Astrology. 

In 2014, DKF-Northernlight is opening a school of Astrology in the north of England to link in with our activities in Lapland. The school will be involved in all aspects of the learning of Western Astrology in order to contribute to the upgrading and preservation of a branch of knowledge, which deserves to be learned properly; and to encourage the pursuit of excellence as part of the journey of a lifetime. 

Computer programmes create charts. They do not create Astrologers. And cutting corners simply makes our world smaller and our possibilities fewer.

Suzanne Rough
DKF Koruna
August 2013