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the test

Why is it is so important that we look after our spirituality? Is not our spirituality supposed to look after us? It is, but it can only do this when it is the right thing for the job to be done. The responsibility for ensuring that this is so belongs to those whose function it is to look after the development of human consciousness. In our time, we have called those directing this task force the Hierarchy, but in other traditions and at other times they have been known by different names; and they have always worked with those members of the human kingdom whose aptitudes can serve its present purpose.

The job that spirituality has to do is bring to our awareness another higher reality, and do this in a way that motivates the personality to make the sacrifices and effort that are required to reach this higher level.

Master DK calls this process grasping the golden thread of consciousness because spirituality challenges the involutionary pull of nature, which would have us use our time in incarnation to breed a lot and die a lot, and in so doing, release the etheric substance required for building the next tier in the involutionary system, i.e., the Moon, which has a lower and slower vibratory rate than the Earth.

The appeal of spirituality is made to the most dominant of the open chakras, the one which drives the personality. The stronger the rational mind (which is seated in the throat centre), the more artful and ingenious is the personality in the matter of sabotaging the process in order to get the benefits of the spiritual process on terms that are not too demanding to the personality.

In the Christian era, in the Western world at least, the strongest chakra has been the solar plexus; and threats of hell and promises of heaven – sticks and carrots - have been used interchangeably to provide the motivation to hold down the lower nature to allow the formation of the egoic body from the refining of emotional energy. In the Theosophical tradition, this refined energy is called the Christ energy, and the key to its development is conscience.

At this time, in the age of IT and virtual realities, our throat centres are stronger than at anytime in modern evolution. The rational mind is wary of appeals to the emotions, which are untidy and less manageable. The modern rational mind is more than wary; it is critical and dismissive of anything that eludes its tools of analysis, and that includes religion.

In recent times therefore, the spiritual appeal has been made attractive to the personality in order to win it over to the idea of spiritual development, in a way more subtle and strategic than simply promising future benefits.

The appeal of the New Age was to the personality now, focusing not as Christianity has done upon its liabilities and the need for redemption, but upon potential and self–development. In order to turn desire (which serves the personality) into aspiration (which serves soul formation), it played along the baseline between ambition and aspiration, which is a dangerous tactic. The New Age also made an appeal to the throat chakra, via the alta major centre where are stored the seeds of a sense of purpose that permits the rational, concrete mind to engage constructively with a process bigger than itself, encouraged thereby to see beyond the narrow range of personality perception. This too is a dangerous activity because on this route we easily mistake knowledge for understanding, and forget that it is the experience of dealing consciously in daily life with personality issues, which transforms and raises vibration, not holding in the head the knowledge of great Schemes. If we cannot act upon our awareness we might as well not have it, and may indeed be better off without it; better because we would feel less self–important and deluded. Theosophy itself became a victim of the separating out of knowledge and application. Its works were over-heating and de-stabilizing the personality to the extent that the Hierarchy, who owe their recognition to the major Theosophical works, were obliged to abandon them.

But when the personality is very strong, all appeals are risky, not simply because the personality is confident enough to quickly rework the message to get rid of those things, which challenge it, but also because it cannot fail to see, eventually, that nothing is really changing. So we lose interest, and the teachings lose credibility, and this produces cynicism and despair.

Consider our situation at present. We know so many things about energy and the process of manifestation, which were hidden from previous generations, but what is it availing us? We have been tested, well and truly, by the warnings about 2012, and we have shown ourselves and all the world that we spiritually-aware people will think and talk big for as long as it does not cost us our comforts, possessions and attachments, and to keep them we will carry on exploiting the planet. In fact, after decades of criticising the way we live and deploring materialism, the stock-in-trade of spiritual identity in our time, most are fervently hoping that nothing will be changed in December because we have done nothing to prepare for change. We have simply held on to what we have, too fearful to let go.

The truth is that the values and priorities of us spiritually-aware people are now largely indistinguishable from those of the materialist. You see the problem we face? How can our spirituality help us or have credibility when it has shown us who we are and how we are capable of deluding ourselves? Where do we go next? Renewed effort or apathy?

If we are to renew effort, we have to find a new way.

So many of the ideas, which excited us in the New Age, did not qualify as spirituality because they contained nothing that could actually transform and move us to a higher level. Emasculated and taken out of context, they simply offered the personality novelty and aggrandisement, which was diverting enough for a while, when we perceived that there was nothing more pressing to consider such as saving our lives. But this kind of arrogation by the personality for its own ends is nothing new, and before diminishing returns set in, most major new spiritual projects are able to inspire and bring new understanding to a certain proportion of those in incarnation at any time. And it will be so again. This is the course that spirituality has ever taken. Nothing stands still, and those ideas, which comprise our spirituality, have to be rewritten again and again.

The event we are calling 2012 is a test, not a hoax. The warnings that we have been given express a great truth, and if events do not conform to our Hollywood-inspired expectations, it does not mean that nothing is occurring. A separation is taking place and what are separating out are the unpolluted lands and their atmospheres from those which have been despoiled. Eventually they will be of a different density with a cortical boundary around them, and passing in and out of them will not be possible. We will live then in societies that represent the chaff in this process and which will break down at an alarming speed, as physical vehicles do when the vital principle has been removed, battered from outside by the natural forces that negative energy calls in, and broken from within by ill-health,, debt, the weight of possessions and moral bankruptcy. We will experience this in our lifetimes. We could have moved away from them to the safe locations where we could have experimented with alternative lifestyles and shown an interest in serving the planet. As a proof of intention that would have been a significant gesture, no matter how inadequate our initial efforts might have been, but we did nothing. So we will suffocate with our debts, possessions and sense of helplessness in societies, which have broken faith with spirituality.

In this way the Moon system increases its hold, and we  have to find all over again a spirituality that is truly transformative, which can teach us to love life and that which sustains life, and teach us what our spirituality has not done so far, and that is to act upon what we say matters. We cannot move on until we have learned this because nothing else can refine the energy of the human kingdom. We have played a mind game in the New Age; now we have to learn to do it for real, and that means we have to experience all over again the suffering that makes us turn to spirituality.

Yet we can always learn at any time in any situation and if we are able to face the reality of ourselves now with the awareness that psychology has given us, we will know that what we need is not so much a set of rules, because Christianity has impressed that upon consciousness, but guidance in bringing through to the physical plane (upon which human beings stand and which sustains us) that which we say matters. There are no exceptions. Even the human beings who live on prana draw the energy up from the Earth’s surface. Ideas guide us, but they do not sustain us.The human being, who does not want corporeality and its responsibilities, need only to wait for death. We relinquish them then.

Our greatest need now is to relearn a respect for life and for the Earth plane that supports us and we will surely do this most effectively by trying to understand its requirements and to organise ourselves to meet them and, in doing so, learn how to deliver.

The New Age party is over, and in the final article in this series we will look at what might come next.

Suzanne Rough / DKF- Koruna / December 2012