The Noose Around Our Necks …to a Colleague

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However we seek to explain the occurrence that we have come to call ‘2012’ (assuming of course, that we acknowledge that something did occur at this time), the fact is that we are now living in the post-2012 world and, after two years, becoming more familiar with the feel of it.

Almost certainly, we were unprepared for the subtly of the process unfolding from this occurrence.

The focus upon physical plane events prior to 2012 was designed to encourage awareness of the desirability of moving out of the urbanised West where the degeneration would be most evident once the higher grade material had been extracted in payment of planetary dues, and as a consequence of this, the vibration in the consciousness band within which the majority of humanity is contained, started to fall.

The Hierarchy knew, however, that appreciation of subtle processes rarely results in physical plane initiatives, and so took us the other route, the mythic route, to reconnect us with the fear of inundation in the human psyche, and give us a kick in the pants that way.

As a strategy it pretty much failed, and in retrospect, it seems that this emphasis upon physical upheaval and how to survive it, distracted us and made its own contribution to our unpreparedness to recognise that it is the tightening of the grip of materialism and the extent of our investment in the status quo, that are the real dangers in the post-2012 world, as we are now finding out at our leisure. 

We experience the falling vibration as the diming of spiritual light. We see through a glass darkly. We think in terms of the next day, but not of the future; we are trapped by our comforts and the perceived need to retain those comforts, which cause chronic financial anxiety and a loss of a sense of adventure because we fear to let go of what we have. We find our daily routines tedious, but do not know how to change them without unacceptable risks. 

Conscious humanity has always had to fight materialism: that is the job of spirituality. But now we have no vision; and those works, which were inspiring to us a decade ago, have the wrong sound and their truths have become platitudes. The excitement has gone out of life and self-discovery.

The ancient Greeks called this state of mind accidie, and it is a product of an over- emphasised throat centre and Fifth Ray domination. The energy that a higher vibration allows to rise to the head centres, a lowering vibration traps in the throat, which is the seat of the intellect and of self–consciousness. We think constantly about ourselves with nowhere to go with that awareness.

For one whole year, my clients were too unsure of what was going on to make contact. They did not know whether the change was taking place within them or was external to them; and many, not unreasonably, lost their confidence in me for DKF-K’s support of the myth.

Now that they are making contact again, it is evident that certain experiences are common:

  • The loss of interest in spirituality, despite the desire to find something that inspires. The general feeling is that we tried all that but where, in truth, did it get us?
  • Those who are not harassed by financial anxieties, are bored, and this is frequently a source of guilt to spiritually-awakened people, who recognise that materially they are much better off than so many others, but they are experiencing tedium nonetheless.
  • No idea where our lives are going; what to expect, or look forward to.
  • Loss of energy and inertia.
  • Sense of fragmentation amongst the older generation, who perceive there is nothing in daily life to draw people together; whilst the young are afraid to be alone with themselves. They fear the loneliness of the state of separation.
  • Retreat into ill-health for attention and to have an excuse to stop struggling with the demands of daily life.

As an astrologer, I am aware that planetary energies that once impelled people to action may no longer have the same power to withstand the counter-forces, which make people willing to bring change into their lives. Collectively and individually we have to work much harder now to bring about change.

What is positive is that there is a generation coming to adulthood, who are putting all their faith in human love. They are not looking for salvation or saviours, but simply someone to love and to love them. This will surely draw energy away from the throat centre to the heart centre and then to the brow centre, which will balance out the focus upon the separated self, and loosen the noose around our necks.

Healing work on humans, animals and the environment has retained its credibility, and its language, which speaks of energy management and encourages both self-responsibility and responsibility for the planet, is surely a way forward for spirituality.

This, then, is the post 2012 world, in which we have to find our spiritual feet and a new spiritual language, if we are to offer any resistance to this process of suffocation by materialism and the imperatives of our money-making systems, and raise the vibration again. 

Human beings are the planetary transformers. That is our function, and our spirituality serves that function. What better way to start than in our own lives, guided by the blueprint of those lives?

The true safe locations are the higher chakras, but there are places on Earth, which will assist our efforts. As you may know, DKF-K has been active in Lapland for some years now.

Very best wishes,


Suzanne Rough 
January 2013