On-line Astrology Workshop

Syllabus Year 2

online astrology workshop


Autumn Term officially starts on October 28th and ends on December 16th 2023

From October 7th there will be links put up in the Workshop to a recorded talk on Time Working and for you to familiarise yourselves with it, a newly revised version of the DKF-K Manual of Chart Construction. with which we will be working in Year 3.


Spring Term starts January 15th and finishes March 9th 2024  

The focus this term will be upon working with Primaries, Secondaries and Transits in Horoscopy.


Summer Term starts on April 27th and finishes on June 1st 2024

This is short term in which we will discuss topics which could become students’ specialist subjects in Year 3.

There will be an exam on Time Working on September 14th 2024 for degree students and those not taking the degree but interested in having a DKF-K Certificate in Time Working.
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