Letter of the Month - June 2020

To an American colleague


Thank you for the invitation to join in your forum. What I am contributing here goes under the heading of Re-configuring, because that is what we in the Three Worlds are engaged upon now, and what will be done on the higher planes in 2025. Their task of Re- configuration cannot take place until there is space in the minds of the human family to move around the pieces. So we have to prepare the ground first.  From this worked mental soil, they will then create a new level for humanity, and those born with Pluto in Aquarius will be the first to express it.

The pandemic has shown us what we can expect in the run up to this time: real challenges involving the whole human family, from which a sustainable re- configuration of values takes place and flowers. The last 10 weeks represent something of a template. Not all the challenges we face will involve disease, although there is sure to be plenty of that: Covid -19  and his brothers are here to stay a good while and the real economic consequences and political instability arising from the pandemic have not yet shown themselves, There will be no let up to permit reconstruction and so we must expect  hardship will increase exponentially.

An open heart centre remains the best protection against Coronavirus.

At the beginning of 2025, the first of those with Pluto in Aquarius will be born. There will then be seven generations in incarnation, all needing to make a relation with the other generations.  Each generation represents a quality of the consciousness that shapes the human condition and expressing collectively the human mosaic. In the minds of the babies that mosiac will be integrated

I drew up a chart for January 21 2025 which is the day on which the Sun in Aquarius meets with Pluto newly arrived in the sign.  In that chart the Moon is in its 25th Mansion, which in Arabic astrology is known as Al Sad Al Ahbiya or Lucky Star of Hidden Things. Its symbol is a man planting out.

The suffering across the human family in coming years will be enormous but so too will be the shifts in consciousness and levels of determination of those who can see for themselves where things should go to eliminate what is unacceptable in our societies  and our governments. The pandemic has shown us that we can trust ourselves and our communities, and that trust is surely better placed there than with a feckless, clueless, unprincipled leadership.

So in reply to your questions I suggest those in service have three things to consider:

  • What we consider we can do as individuals towards helping our communities/ societies on the physical level. This is basic and fundamental
  • What we consider we can do towards keeping and building awareness that this is how it has to be when such a shift in the consciousness of those in incarnation on this planet. Nothing has gone wrong: there is a Re-configuration in process with which we can cooperate. I heard people in my locality expressing this awareness so often during the height of the pandemic: they were not hopeless they were philosophical and prepared to accept that positive things could come out of this. We should find everyday words to deliver the message, and setting an example of positivity. This is our real work
  • We have to let go of the past. For the individual this means letting of all grievances. This we should all be ready to do.

 I shall carry working with astrology as long as I can in an attempt to provide context for the circumstances we face, and to find within them opportunities and a creative focus for individuals.


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