Letter of the Month - January 2024

To a perplexed DKF-K graduate


Dear R

When Pluto went into Aquarius and the babies born with that placement of Pluto began to come in, we have in incarnation representative of 7 different planes of consciousness, i.e., every one of the planes of consciousness that the human family can function upon. That, in itself, represents maximum vertical diversity, quite apart from the different levels of development and cultural diversity which the human family encompasses, which represents horizontal diversity.

Pluto’s job in Aquarius is to reduce the human family to its constituent atoms in order to bring about new configurations, and diversity leading to separation and alienation is its strategy. The ideas which will be instrumental in bringing about the new configurations will not be a strong force until Pluto moves into the last decanate of Aquarius, some 20 year into the future. 

Until then we will live with an increasingly unstable situation where existing groupings will fall apart precisely because multiplying forms of diversity will be the means of bringing about the destruction of existing groupings. 

Theoretically, we have been here before, at the time of the French Revolution, but in terms of population numbers and age, there is no comparison: there are billions more of us now and we are l living much longer. So that gives an even greater scope to diversity. Add to that the power of the Internet to disseminate unhelpful, untruthful ideas; to make money and to create fear, and generally express a low level of understanding about human potential.

Our societies can only become increasingly unmanageable and dysfunctional because there no longer much that is meaningful to provide cohesion and shout down the egotistical self .  Those with Pluto in Capricorn, now children ages 1 -13 years will get rid of a lot of the more fashion -driven diversity when they reach the adult years in about 10-15 years’ time. The approach could be grim, pragmatic and materialistic but it will arrest the growth of neuroses and the mental  health problems because they will no longer be indulged and milked as they are now. Napoleon had Pluto in Capricorn and left structures in Europe which survived long after he himself over-reached himself and toppled.

Whether we welcome it or not, these present times are the time of the individual, and there is opportunity to be found in them.  The best approach to life is live unto self (which is a very English expression – hope it translateswhilst we still have freedoms from the consequences of climate change and of human machinations. We cannot fix anything because the glue won’t stick things together. So, we do well to live as best we can in our own realities and ensure our lives to express what we consider important.

Know your own mind and make your decisions accordingly and try not to judge. With this amount of diversity and all the different levels of development how could there be consensus and agreement? There will be those whose development is benefiting from the merging of the genders even if we who are dealing consciously with merger on a higher level -soul personality alignment -cannot appreciate it. Leave behind the ideas which seem wrong and live the best you can. Do what you think matters with those who you consider you can share a life but have realism about the sustainability of group plans and projects whilst the glue can’t stick. 

This is the end of a cycle, when we live with consequences without any real understanding of the larger picture and what has to be re-set, other than the sustainable scale of the over -population and misuse of our planet. But one consequence for which we are wholly responsible is the quality of our own lives.

Around 2045, we should begin to see a bit more nobility and idealism restored to the human condition and to what remains of the human family. And a whole new cycle will commence.

Very best wishes



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