Letter of the Month | August 2019

To a former student: Hindu Astrology

quill…Hindu astrology is a fascinating body of knowledge which deserves our respect, not least, as you yourself observe, for, its discipline and precision. I have taken over a few of its techniques, but the system overall is not suitable for Western minds – indeed it can be poison to those with Ray 6 strong and a willingness to get caught up in the glamour of the preordained.

If after serious study, you cannot see why this then there would be no point in returning to DKF-K. Our business is with possibility and opportunity which require us to challenge to the Law of Probability upon which Hindu Astrology is constructed,

To develop Spiritual Will, the young Yogananda would ask his astrologers to make predictions that he would then consciously work against. We have to learn to do much the same. If we are to salvage possibility and opportunity from the tightening grip of Saturn, we have to learn to recognise the feel of probability at work in our lives, creating our lines of least resistance, and use Will to resist it…


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