Letter of the Month - January 2021

The Space Inside Each of Us - To a client depressed by the state of the world


The cycles that govern human development and which esoteric astrology studies, require us now to remember our physicality and that of the Earth.  What we are coming to realise is quite properly shocking to us, as it needs to be if the human family is to convincingly change its relationship with both. But we do not need and should not keep on suffering. Our aim is to work towards giving what we can, and whatever it is that our creative capacity fits us for. That is a donation into the Goodwill Bank.

 The space inside each of us – our mental and emotional being – is our own domain and responsibility to keep clean and positive. This space inside is not the Soul. That is looking after itself in the background. The space inside is where we operate from in everyday life, and in which we organise ourselves to contribute what we can to our world from our creative capacity. When we own such a ‘home in the head’, the Soul becomes the fire in its grate.

How we can best offer our creativity is for us to find out through trial and error. This is our quest, and it is, at the same time, both a responsibility and a joy. It is the lack of purpose and a sense of impotence that invades the space inside that makes us feel sad.

We build houses to keep out the weather. We need to build comparable structures in the space inside to keep out the weather of the world. This kind of work is required now. If we choose to build the home in the head to make our Western individuality a creative resource in our world, then there are millions of us able to work towards change in our authentic ways.


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