Letter of the Month - March 2023

The Sagittarian Factor, to DKF-K colleagues,


Professional Astrologer I may be, but it still took me years to adequately explain to myself why I behaved as badly as I did at a certain stage in young adult life.  For sure, the simple fact that I could was a contributory factor, as was the assumption that if you were smart enough you could get away with anything, but they were not the root cause, and I knew that I had to get to this because after half a lifetime of studying the Path of Evolution, it was not good enough to leave this matter with a question mark over it. When at last I was able to give my own question a convincing reply, it was because I realised something that had escaped me up until then. What is missing from the minds of young people is understanding born of experience. Learned behaviour and obedience to the rules do not give understanding. As a young person I knew what was wrong and I knew perfectly well how I was supposed to behave because I had no shortage of people telling me, but I didn’t understand why it mattered to do and be these things, and I was not prepared to simply take it on trust from people whose own lifestyles were not examples I was inspired to follow. The young cannot have this understanding of why it matters to treat life and all that lives with respect. The choice they have either to accept what they are being told or find out for themselves the hard way. Different individuals -and, perhaps, different generations - make different choices. When the Sagittarian influence is strong in the make -up we’ll opt for finding out for ourselves.  I consider this defines the attitude of the young adults under 30s with Pluto in Sagittarius.

I had to suffer a great deal before it made me ready to find out what it was that I needed to understand. But I did find it and was fortunate to have time to turn things round. The under 30s are suffering terribly from not seeing why anything matters, but they are handicapped by a Western culture now largely devoid of spiritual literacy. They don’t know what to look for and may not recognize it if they meet with it.

Isn’t this why we do this work? Isn’t this the point of person-centred Astrology? And what Astrology can’t provide, it can at least open a conversation that lets in some wisdom and some humanity whilst there is still time to turn things round.


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