Letter of the Month - December 2020

That Existential Crisis … Again


The closing phase of the 28-year cycle of the Progressing Moon has brought more clients to see me professionally than any other planetary process. I call it the Omega Phase.

Unlike the other 28-year cycle, the Saturn Return, which occurs for all of us between the ages of 27-29, the timing of the Omega Phases depend entirely upon the position of the Progressing Moon in an individual’s natal chart. They have to be calculated, something that should not deter anyone who has an accurate birth time, access to an astrology programme for natal chart construction, and can follow the instructions given in Making A Journey of the Lifetime.

Those of us who live an average length life will experience two or three such closing phases.

Whilst we are in them, we will feel confused and directionless, but most of all we will feel stuck because not only will we not know where to point ourselves, we will not know (yet) how to deal with the things that stand in our way, and we will have no energy. Nature pulls the plug on us because the Omega Phase is a time, not for action, but for reflection and contemplation. Eventually, we will reconfigure ourselves as spiritually aware beings who, brought face-to-face with our own self-sabotaging tendencies, know we must let new influences into our lives.

The process does not spare those who have earned themselves a reputation as spiritual leaders. In fact, my clients’ experiences indicate that the Omega Phase may clobber them hardest of all.

Managing all the twelve phases of the Progressing Moon’s journey round the chart is important, if we are to use time and opportunity well, although the centre piece is the Omega Phase because managing ourselves at this time is particularly important to getting through it in a philosophical frame of mind, and getting ourselves mentally prepared for the new opportunities that show as the process concludes.

Below is a recent communication to a colleague in the Omega Phase for the second time, and one of the very few people writing in to DKF-K this year who did not mention or blame Covid! He knows what is going on for him is on the inside; its nothing to do with ‘out there’.

At present, all you can hope to do is stay afloat. This may not seem satisfactory advice but it is good advice. Trying to build a new life at the moment would be like trying to get flowers to bloom in the middle of winter. They cannot thrive and their collapse would simply add to your sense of despair and exhaustion. Just keep a float, deal with things as they crop up, and observe yourself all the time.

I have told many clients this in the course of thirty years of readings, and they have all railed against the perceived limitation of it, but to no effect! We cannot escape from the dissolving energy of the Omega Phase until it is concluded. But when it is, the door flies open, as it does on a horse race track, to let the runners out of the stalls. 

In this way, a new cycle,  full of opportunities, commences.

Cast your mind back 28 years to what was going on for you then, because it is that same process come around again, for all we are in a very different spiritual landscape now. The old packaging which once shouted I am a spiritual person! no longer has the same appeal or credibility, even to those of us who bought into it.

As with most changes, we are gaining some and we are losing some

What we are gaining from this change, I suggest, includes less pretentiousness, a greater self-honesty, and a  greater willingness to scale spirituality down to something accessible i.e., to giving our best, and looking after our planet, which has been badly neglected whilst aspirants have been trying to get somewhere else.

What we are losing is the sense of a separate reality, of spirituality as a special place to make time for and to visit, specific goals to strive for, and the comforting glamour of The Teacher.

Our spiritual journey is now our own to map out. We can either lose a path no longer distinguishable from the ordinariness of everyday life, or we can dedicate it to the things we value, and undertake to give nothing but our best to them. Our creativity needs an outlet that we know is our contribution, and give everything to it.

This is own private undertaking, no declarations, no bells, no smells, no wearing our hearts on our sleeve, that will put quality in our lives, individually and collectively. There is a great freedom in this and it but it requires self-discipline, effort and consistency, and we will find none of these things if we do not understand the value of giving to Life and the planet that supports our lives.

The questions my clients ask me most now are: What am I here to do? How can I contribute? Whilst I can identity the nature of the creative energy, the precise form through which it will best express itself is something an individual has to know for himself. It is, if you like, a test of authenticity. It is also a test of our readiness. We think in terms of entitlement. It is not an entitlement but a responsibility.

Our lives are a wonderful self-regulating process. Yet so often we want spirituality to be a mystery to invest it with grandeur, because that make it pleasingly remote from all that we are and know. It is not remote. It is within us in the form of an attitude to living, and waiting to be recognised by us in an act of self-responsibility.

If we want to get off the wheel and scale the heights that confer immortality then, for sure, we will need a tradition and teacher; but if we want simply be here, live well and achieve what we say matters to us, then we can find the answers we need in the dialogue between self and life.

I think you are engaged in this dialogue now, as the Progressing Moon trawls through your H12. You could not be using this time better!

Very best wishes



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