Letter of the Month - April 2021

From a Writer Researching a New Book


For (…teenagers and young adults…), life is full of entertainment at the click of a button, it is hard to imagine what that must be like growing up with. Did their Soul’s know of this prior to their incarnation or have things just become so skewed here “on the ground” that there are unexpected consequences playing out which these young people are falling prey to? Or is their Sagittarius energy there designed to hopefully lift them up and out of the way things are, yet it is wondered how they can do that if they know nothing else? The word “unrest” comes to mind……I keep looking ahead in my imagination to Aquarian energy and how to approach this from that perspective and hopefully help contribute to something that helps that energy to bloom. That continues to “ring” in the mind as a “lead” so to speak. I read a survey (which I don’t know if it is true or not) that some one did as to what Sun Sign energy is most prevalent amongst the population of the USA and what is the least prevalent. This said the Scorpio is the at the top of the list and Aquarius is at the bottom.

‘Things on the ground’ are the challenge that, what ever form they take, we have to accept. They are evolution’s hair shirt. The most we can do is respond with as much wisdom as we have, always looking for the opportunity and trying to keep opinion out of it, because we simply do not know enough about the significance, past and future, of the processes that have brought them into being. We understand human nature better, and we know how to analyse the situations we meet with, and how to respond intelligently and responsibly to them. We know enough about the nature of the sign Sagittarius to offer a response to the challenges faced by this generation.

Aquarius will always be the sign of the future, of things to come, because it is the nature of Aquarius to be so.

I am not able to corroborate the findings of the survey that you mention; I have no idea whether is the sign under which fewest people are born, but to an esotericist, this is not an unreasonable supposition because knowledge is material and the more people it is shared amongst the lower becomes its vibration. To keep ‘sixty years ahead’ of the rest, which the old astrologers claimed Aquarians were, their kind of knowledge may need to be accessible to only to the minds of a certain number of people in incarnation. This kind of restriction to uphold quality is the rationale behind closed esoteric schools, although goes against everything mass communication stands for. This is why it is important to have a network of competent practitioners stepping down the knowledge and using it in a practical way in daily life.

My recommendation is to stay with your original plan. When the Moon in Scorpio falls, it creates a space for and releases Aquarian energy in the mind and life of one no longer controlled by the Moon. You know why I am saying this.


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