Letter of the Month - December 2021

Evolutionary Astrology


The winner of the DKF-K Christmas raffle 2021 is a counsellor from the North of England. During our communications, she asked me about Evolutionary Astrology, the sector established by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

You ask me about Evolutionary Astrology…I have great respect for Jeffrey Wolf Green’s work because it provides a context which adds some dignity and nobility to the human condition. It provides explanations which give a purpose to emotional suffering and yes, offers the gift of a sense of significance to those who are wrestling with the often-excruciating process of bringing the emotional body under control. (In Theosophical terms this means the Second Initiation The road to the Second initiation is littered with broken hearts and burnt-out vehicles.)

DKF-K was set up more than twenty years ago now, to work on the next level (Third to Fourth Initiations) which involves intentionally moving on with the awareness put in place by suffering: a greater understanding of conditioning processes and cycles, both personal and systemic, which in turn supports a greater acceptance of the human condition; less unnecessary suffering; less need to blame others, more self-mastery, and a greater ability to focus upon individual contribution in the world and the bringing through of Spiritual Will.

We work in different ways with different energies, but I do not underestimate the contribution made by JWG and the Jungians of his generation who addressed the matter of suffering head -on because it is where the majority of people trying to make sense of their lives are at this time.

You surely meet with them all the time in your line of work….

Jenny Smith has been in practice as a therapist for 22 years.

She specialises in:

  • Change and Transition
  • Loss
  • A search for meaning and purpose
  • Self-enquiry
  • Life review



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