Letter of the Month - August 2022

Earth Sign Rising!


 I am researching Ascendent signs as a personal project and am finding your most recent series fascinating, especially the examples. Would you be willing to share your Ascendant?

JK Darwin, Australia

Taurus (third decanate). I consider my upbringing conformed to the description I have given in Ascendent 3. My father came out of the army to marry my mother, a gesture which he didn’t really need to make, and which cost him dearly because he was not a family man. The regime at home was disciplined and serious, designed to enable us to cope with life which we could expect to be, in the words of Thomas Hobbes ‘nasty, brutish, short and mean’. My father’s other hero was Oliver Cromwell. Indolence and frivolousness were inexcusable We had no TV set in the house and laying in bed just didn’t happen. If an indisposition couldn’t be put right with a dose of bicarbonate of soda you were making it up. If it sounds grim, I didn’t find it so as a child. My father and I worked together, usually in silence because he didn’t encourage childish chatter, on some big, physically demanding projects and I loved it. For sure, I had grievances, and plenty of them, when I reached the teenage years but now, having reached the other end of my life, I consider that to be equipped to be independent, self -reliant and able to make happen what is important to you is the greatest gift you can be given.

Very best wishes



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