Letter of the Month - July 2022



This month we have received two communications about Destiny.

The first asked about the matter of timing and connecting its arrival with the twelfth house, she feels disappointed that it would ‘arrive’ so late in her life.

The second asked how to think about Destiny and Fate.

I have merged the two replies

Destiny may be defined as the plan built into the design of a life which, if unimpeded, will take an individual forward; fate is what is likely to prevent us fulfilling our destiny (reaching our destination) because fate gets us caught up in circumstances which do not serve it.

Using a progressing MC in a static natal frame is an unusual way of working with time. I am not dismissing it as a technique, but because of the number of degrees separating Ascendant and MC, it will mean that unless a person is born in the Arctic Circle in winter, none of us will experience the MC reaching H12 until late middle age at the earliest, and for many, depending upon time of the year/ latitude of birth, it will be later still. In my own case, for example, I will be nearly 80 before this happens and if I were to use the Equal house systems rather than my preferred Kock system, it would be considerably later.

There are better time working techniques than this, but I certainly don’t challenge your insight that the H12 connects us to a higher level. H12 connects us to the Soul on its own plane, and in a life of an average length, the technique called Secondary Progressions will takes us through this house twice or three times to prepare us for fulfilling our destiny which, with a lower-case d, we will define as what it is we are designed to be.  We must clear out much that is old or inauthentic – this is the fate aspect- which catches us up to let in the new and destined.

However, my main concern with your question is the inference that is with the idea that time alone unlocks destiny. Time offers us opportunities to get working on the realisation of our destiny. We have to clear the ground of the things which are obstructive and distracting; we have to recognize possibilities This is a proactive situation, not a passive waiting for time to deliver an entitlement. The image that has formed in my mind is of my neighbour’s highly intelligent cat, waiting by her automatic feeder from 17:50 onwards for 1800 hours when the timer sends her down a shower of biscuits!

Destiny doesn’t arrive in our lives this way. It is built into its design of the natal chart, it is with us from birth, and gives us a plan with which to work and prepare ourselves  If we don’t know what that plan is and to what kind of destiny it is leading us – and most do not -we do well to live the the best we know according to the wisdom of our times, religion and culture, and hope that the reward for this will reveal our destiny to us. I consider age 35 is important is the recognition of the nature of the destiny. It is connected to creative contribution.

If/when we do know what it is, we must work to realise it in our adult lives. Either way, we can’t afford to sit by the feeder waiting for the biscuits to shower down. If there is any point to us Westerners in the development of human consciousness now, it is to use time and choice intelligently, and it is to this end that DKF-K offers the kind of Astrology in which we specialize: orthodox astrology used with esoteric understanding. We call this Transitional Astrology.

I am aware that magazine Astrology, and books and websites of a certain kind encourage sitting by the feeder and waiting for destiny to roll out, and it will be, of course, everything we have ever wanted. In fact, it won’t; it will be something that we will have to get to love  because destiny comes at a price. That price is the sacrifice of our inauthentic desires and ambitions which shape our desire nature. This is why so many of us, without realizing it, have turned off the path to our rightful destination.


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