Letter of the Month - June 2022

Can a person’s level of development be seen in the natal chart?


Can a person’s level of development be seen in the natal chart?

The answer is yes, with some reconfiguration.

The technique is nothing that DKF-K will ever make publicly available because in the wrong hands or offered at the wrong time it can do much damage. DKF-K degree students are required to understand the technique, and it is significant that most are uneasy about it because they realise how easily this information shatters illusions. It is a responsibility they would rather not have. Not all illusions are unhelpful to the spiritual aspirant. Most of us start out with unrealistic expectations and they can sustain us and inspire for a good long while. It is best not to interfere with that relationship unless it is obvious that clarification is desirable. We need to work up to confronting the truth of ourselves! It is also important to understand that across the esoteric traditions, the initiations are numbered differently, reflecting the changes to the route through spiritual development introduced by Christianity, but the levels themselves are universally recognized.

Occasionally the matter of level of development has a place in reading although the majority of people coming for readings would not benefit from being told because the Initiations do not mean anything to them. Their concern, quite properly, is life as it appears to them. We can only live what we are and knowing what level we are will not change that.


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