Letter of the Month - May 2021

Astrology as a Diagnostic Tool


This report, which uses the method and structure we teach at DKF-K, was sent into me by a French student. In it, he analyses through the natal and progressed charts of the client, the circumstances behind this young person’s severe anorexic condition. We are including it here as a compliment to Our Truest Document series to demonstrate what a fine diagnostic tool Astrology is, and to show up how inadequate dealing with this condition as a physical disorder is.

Our 2021/2 Readings Season will commence in October 2021. Details will be given on the website.

ANOREXIA: The context of this Health issue

Anorexia has to do with the intestines, the stomach, the digestive system - all of which belong to House Six (H6).

Three planets are found in H6: The Moon, Neptune and Saturn.

Neptune in H6 may well produce anorexia because of the intense awareness of the connection between body and soul and the need to make the body a useful vehicle for the soul. In our present western way of life this need is not properly met. There may be a distaste for the conventional ways the physical vehicle is used and abused e.g., obesity, sex, procreation.

The Moon - an inner planet- is here too, in this Cadent House. This means poor health (and poor self image). The presence of the Moon here says there was "little scope for self-direction in the past life and now in the present life there's imbalance in personal relationships."

The Moon's vulnerability is increased in so far as it is aspected by Pluto and Mars. In fact it is part of a stellium -Moon,Neptune, Saturn simultaneously affected by Uranus, Pluto and Mars.

The congenital weakness in the H6 organs is being "dealt with"! The person will have to deal with "stress related and arthritic conditions" (Saturn in H6). But Saturn's efforts to control are subverted by conjunct Neptune which will help through a vocational urge! Houses 3 and 4 are ruled by the Moon. Therefore the areas concerned with communication and the family, the home are also impacted.

The digestive system has it own planetary ruler: MERCURY.

And Mercury is functioning in H8, an area concerned with relationship imbalances.

Mercury is vulnerable: it can't pass on - to any faster moving planets- the forces coming from Uranus and Neptune which form a yod with its focus on this planet. The latter is out of balance and needs conscious regenerating and reorientation. Since it rules H2 and H5, possessions/values and creativity/individuality will be part of this process.

Mercury has a special role to play in this lifetime. It is in Sagittarius at 15 degrees - which signals a direct link to Monadic Levels

Let us overlay the chakra template

One can thus identify the centres involved in the situation:

- the Spleen (H6 cusp) and the unopened Heart Centre (H8 cusp)

In the natal chart Venus rules H6 and Venus is also in house 8 indicating karma "arising from emotional and sexual associations in other lifetimes".

With such configuration a person cannot experience 'emotional reciprocity' and is 'prone to abusive treatment'.

One can now understand why the digestive system is dysfunctional!

One can see how the imbalances are tranferred to the H6 organs: there's karma to be worked out, there's the need to find an escape route through a vocation to which to commit thoroughly.

Most of the inner planets are found in the Relating Consciousness area.

There's a balance to be achieved between self and other and this explains why the SUN is found functioning in House 7. Most probably the person has 'started out her life with a weak sense of identity' and there's '... a reaction to experiences with dominant partners early in her life'.

The SUN (in Scorpio, a 'violent' sign) is exactly positioned opposite the Ascendant.

It is functioning in an Angular House and so very near the hyleg - a place of high energy - which can 'ward off' illness!

Both Ascendant and Sun are in Third decanates signs, indicating they work for SPIRIT.

The opposition between the Ascendant and the Sun means latent power that will have to be unfolded and it all looks like alignment of Soul/Personality. One could say this can't be resisted, it will take place with or without the personality cooperation (Uranus trine Sun and Pluto square Sun). Life will look like a struggle but the chart shows to what purpose! There's a goal, a mission of benefit to humanity to fulfill (Pluto in House 5).

Let us turn now to the Progressed Chart corresponding to the ages of 16, 17 years of age and beyond

One finds VENUS (the significator of H6 in the natal chart) assailed by progressed Moon,Uranus,Pluto,Neptune and Saturn!

Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn and during this period of time the person is connected to the Hierarchy called the Human Personality whose energy is the Will to Manifest!

It looks as if there's the urgent need for Soul/spirit to have at its disposal a properly aligned instrument in the three worlds and it does not matter if this entails pain and loss! Such a prodigious influx of energy coming mostly from slower moving planets will surely upset the young person!

And this takes place just when progressed SUN and MERCURY are moving through H6 where one strongly feels the need for hard work and discipline in life.

One now knows that in House VI  there's low energy as far as the health is concerned. In addition to this, one sees the Banishing planets challenging the desire for security, the chilhood emotional links with the family and the usual awareness of individuality.

During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Birthday years the Sun is the focus of a YOD from Jupiter and Uranus indicating the need for regeneration and support.

Progressed Mars receives a square from Jupiter thus causing an unbalanced response from Mars. This planet in H9 has to reconsider the ways in which the powers of self expression have been used. Things are not simple just now and because it rules House 6 momentarily there's loss of health, loss of control; one feels the ground giving way...

Finally at the ages of 16, 17,18, 19, it is to be noted that Progressed Neptune is in quincunx aspect with the natal Ascendant, thus causing poor self confidence and eroding the sense of identity!

What's all this for?

What's all this for? I would say as you say, Suzanne, it is simply "the price at which the expansion of consciousness comes".


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