Letter of the Month - August 2020

A Younger Mind and a Perennial Question


Our task at DKF-K is to teach astrological technique, not impose a party line.

It is for the student to decide how best he or she can work with the discipline.

For some time now, DKF-K, which works principally with Rays 1&3, has been closely associated with an organisation on Ray 2, which prefers to keep a very low profile and work, as it were, behind the scenes. It is a very real and valued collaboration.

Rays 2&3 can balance each other, in the way that the planets Jupiter and Saturn can (and these two will be meeting in Aquarius at the close of this year). When this blending is undertaken consciously the results stand to be beneficial to both.

Ray 2, of its nature is inclusive and absorbs differences. It is fluid and expansive and benefits from the grounding and structuring provided by Ray 3. Ray 3, of its nature, moves forward emphasising the individuating process behind releasing creativity. It is determined and pragmatic and benefits from having its hard lines and inflexible stances softened by Ray 2.

Recently one of our young students was grappling with the concept of service, which challenges many for a range of different reasons.  Two of us replied and our replies were very different in kind, but our student found the middle ground for herself.

Our student’s communication which started the thread is reproduced below in normal black font. The two answers are in italics, blue for Ray 2, green for Ray 3.

  1. The Question

I had a question about service that I have been meaning to ask you. I am wondering what your advice on working constructively with the energy of attachment to the results of service might be. This is something I run into emotionally because, intellectually, I understand that the power of the positive intent is itself enough. However, based on the feelings that sometimes arise, I can tell that this is not a truth that has penetrated all levels of my being just yet: there seem to be places in me where the belief that service must accomplish something concrete/look a certain way. I would be interested to hear your thoughts whenever you might have the time to share them.

I look forward to reading your response. I get stuck with this question because I do feel that it is my dharma to contribute through a creative/intellectual endeavor but don't always see how that necessary constitutes an act of service! Part of it might be a false belief that, because it brings me such joy, it can't really be a legitimate form of service.

  1. The Replies

From our Ray 2 colleague.

Your question and subsequent comments warrant a comprehensive response as it is a big question and area that affects each of us. There is appreciation for your having asked and the opportunity to look deeply into the history of releasing attachments in order to respond.  For my own part this has been and continues to be a process of discovery of more and more subtle layers of attachment.  Each discovery and release is freeing---opening the way for an expanded capacity to serve and a greater experience of Joy.   Those attachments, whether to service work or anything, that are most tightly held present numerous tests.  Applying courage and will combined with consistent and persistent effort have been keys that have led to success---time and time again.

Serving is Joy.  No matter what the service is.  It can be the way we greet a neighbor, a stranger or something identified specifically as dharma.  When life is serving, joy is ever present.  “might be a false belief that, because it brings me such joy, it can't really be a legitimate form of service.”   Yes, a false belief.

Striving to see and live all aspects of life as service without separation between whatever is identified as dharma and everything else brings attachments to the surface of awareness.  Working with all kinds of people and developing relationships with them has provided invaluable grist for the mill regarding attachments.

During the first meetings when the group was forming DL spoke of Selfless-Service.  Those 2 words, in my experience, sum up what the work with attachment is about (among many other things).  Ultimately every discovery made around an attachment has been about ‘me’ at some overt or very subtle level.  While becoming more and more self-aware, there has also been the need pay close attention to not get caught up in over analyzing which can be another attachment rabbit hole. 

“This is something I run into emotionally because, intellectually, I understand that power of the positive intent is itself enough.  The emphasis DL brought to the formation and work of this group was based on hands-on service, practical application in whatever field is engaged.  That has been most powerful as we took the writings of DK and translated those into practical acts of daily life, so the life became service.  Service is 24/7 flowing through many different forms.  Intention is also very important yet without practical application, as a Virgo, the question arises: to what extent is this serving today or toward the evolution of humanity.  Thought forms certainly can be powerful yet from the experience of this Work, it is that practical service to and for others that makes the difference between theory and practice. 

It is hoped that this is helpful as you work with attachments.  Enjoy seeking them out and adjusting so they no longer act as limitations to your ability to serve.  If there are questions, please let me know.

In service,

Your colleague

The R3 Reply

We students of the writings of DK are given many descriptions of how the Solar System of which we are a part will unfold over time.

This looking ahead to significant developments and events is a defining feature of the Bailey writings of the mid Twentieth Century when after a peace that had held for less than a quarter of a century, Europe was living through another world war.

The blue books were designed to lift the spirits and engender some understanding of the amazing process of the unfolding of human consciousness in which we are all active participants. Yet these works, written in a different century when a different Ray conditioned spirituality, still inspire us. We are very comfortable with the waiting. Western religious tradition has been built around it.  Holding patterns were central to Ray 6 spirituality. We were always waiting for something or someone who will enter our lives from the outside to make things right. Our task was to prepare ourselves for this future time.

However, the real challenge now is to recognise what is happening and what needs to happen now, in order that something can enter our world from within us.

The human soul is the flower of Christianity that is ready to bloom.

What does ready to bloom mean? It means that a critical mass has formed on the Mental plane, not that we are all evenly toasted on both sides. Most of us are still dealing with personality stuff but, nevertheless, Ray 4, which is the natural successor to Ray 6, is now able to work through the human kingdom which it could not do before this time, and Ray 4 wants us to heal ourselves physically and mentally, and heal our planet.

When did this quantum shift from waiting to acting occur? I consider it was when those with Pluto in Libra were born after 1971. They started to become influential in the 1990s-2000s.  Although this is really a topic for another time, it is worth pointing out that Libra rules the Atomic plane and it is from this plane that new creative ideas and mentalities are sent into the Three Worlds to assist the development of consciousness.

Horoscopy picks up this theme with DKs statement in Esoteric Astrology that lives, ready to turnaround and go onto a higher level, will do so in the sign of Libra. New opportunities came in with that generation.

Now, that place inside, which we call the human soul, is telling us that this is our time. There can be no more waiting. Children are born now knowing that they are here to contribute, and they do not agonise about what and how because they are not inhibited by the kind of old thought forms as we older ones who grew up with Ray 6 spirituality with its emphasis on perfectibility so often are. Who am I to push myself forward? What have I got to give? What if I get it wrong?  Is what I want to do really service?  For as long as these are our questions, we will sit on our hands.

We don’t need to be perfected to give.  For sure, we will make mistakes and the result might not be in line with expectation. It is from this kind of experience that we learn to be effective in the world.  What we give comes from the heart, and whatever the result, it will give the Planet what it needs.

This is why it is called Planetary Service. Its focus is intent not result.

Planetary Service is not a formula, or a set of politically correct activities, that we execute with tight lipped grimness. It is what we know ourselves to be capable of giving and that gives us joy to share.

Shamballa has communicated to us that the biggest obstacle to their involvement in our lives is that we Westerners do not love life. Too many of us feel burdened by it and this keeps vibration below a level they can readily work with us.

The word service found favour with my generation because it connoted an intent that was other than self-interest. Yet to your generation it may reek of standardization. Perhaps the word contribution is less oppressive to you.

The forms of the contributions of some of us will be recognised and admired; others not so much. What matters is our own relationship to it.

It is not difficult to be admired, in certain circles, for astrological knowledge, but astrology is only a tool. It is a tool that I use to try and communicate the fact of process and the importance of seeing what is playing out behind the top line of everyday life. This is my real contribution. To me, God is the Process, which is a Third Ray way of looking at things, and not appealing to mystics.

We cannot be all things to all people; we can only be ourselves, but with the addition of awareness and respect for others to raise the level.  From the angle of the evolution of human consciousness, our authentic creative contributions give the point to individuality.

The human soul knows how to deal with diversity and difference because it knows how to discern. If you don’t much like what someone is saying or offering, focus on their eyes and listen quietly. You may then hear a redeeming sincerity. If you do not, walk on.

This place inside should be directing our lives and our choices now because we have not time to wait for our leaders, those dangerous, toxic old men without consciences, to wake up to the fact that three more generations with the heart centre open or ready to open have come in since the Plutos in Libra, and every year the numbers of those who are repelled rather than impressed by the old lies and power games increase..

Walk on for now. Fortunately, we have our communities and lives of our own to honour and enjoy. If we will only look away from the news and the headlines, and focus upon our own lives and our own direct experiences, we will see, as you have done, human kindness and goodness, the flower of Christianity, and from this place inside ourselves create a new reality to live in, not at some remote future time, but now.

Very best wishes


  1. The Response

Thank you both for your responses to my question. Reading them both has been a real learning experience for me as the two responses have, in different ways, helped to clarify several distortions in my thinking about service. I have a few comments to offer in response - I apologize if there are moments where they are unclear as I am puzzling through this out loud 🙂

To begin, I think I now have a better understanding of the way in which contributing in the way that R3 describes and serving as a mode of being that R2 presents are in fact the same. The key word that helped bridge the difference I initially perceived in the two explanations each one of you offered is generosity. When one looks at contribution/service through this lens of generosity, the divide between one's dharma and more mundane acts becomes irrelevant. The question of "how can I be the most generous version of myself possible" can be asked of small acts in daily life as well as of the so-called bigger choices we must make.

Perhaps this is due to an aversion to the Ray 6 insistence that we must "go beyond"/transcend/ignore/etc. our personalities, but another reason I like the framework of generosity is because it acknowledges the existence of an individualized self that is the platform from which we give out to the world. I suppose the notion of selfless service makes me uncomfortable because I have seen, in myself and in those around me, how negative intent (to borrow the language of the Pathwork lectures) attaches itself to acts that look like service from afar.

 As you have written in past articles and demonstrated in your recent teachings on the Astrology of the Individual, S, contemporary spirituality should evolve to fully utilize the personality; this development, however, is tricky because it brings spirituality close to "enemy territory" and leaves it vulnerable to being co-opted by the forces of self-interest. The principle of generosity is a useful one because it compels us to look more closely at the energy of attachment to/disappointment with results: if one was acting from a place of authentic generosity, then what unseen motivations are at play that lead a genuine desire to give to others to somehow not be enough? In this way, as our R2 colleague has said, the processes of service and purification work hand-in-hand, far before we are evenly toasted on both sides.

Finally, applying this attitude today led me to the additional realization that operating from a mindset of generosity and its twin abundance encourages alignment with universal law. Whatever we give, we get back--but not from the same person/cause/thing! It's about taking our place in what I understand the Bailey books describing as a magnificent system of energetic exchange that spans levels of reality our human minds cannot understand. Seeing generosity in this way feels incredibly liberating.

Those are my thoughts on the matter at the moment. I hope I did not misrepresent the points that you made. Thank you again for your thoughtful responses to my question - they really did shift my thinking!

Kind regards,



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