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Our on-going series The Ten Commandments will resume in June. We are interrupting it to address a matter which amongst spiritually aware people at this time is showing itself to be of great concern.

The monkey trap: the dilemma of the Fourth Ray
for Louise and Peta

The Fourth Ray holds the balance between the spiritual and the material worlds, working ceaselessly to bring about mergers between them. As yeast raises dough, so the fusing of a higher world with one of greater materiality raises the vibration of the lower world.

The human kingdom collectively expresses the fourth Ray principle, living in the physical world but able to develop its capacity to function in the higher worlds. We are agents for their merger.

What the Fourth Ray adds to the idealism of the Sixth Ray is the perception that the dualities are not mutually exclusive and incompatible; rather, they can be adapted to each other to create a higher reality. The yeast does not submit to the dough; it gives it its properties so that bread may be made. 

The Master of the Fourth Ray is Serapis Bey. He heads up no movement. He works instead through well-defined, creative individuals, using their output and their projects in order to create opportunities in the unending task of bringing about the required fusion between the material and spiritual, the realised and the ideal.

As students of esoteric astrology will be aware, the Fourth Ray is brought to the human kingdom by the Moon and Mercury, and as these two are the two fastest moving materialised celestial bodies, they are hugely influential in the determination of both the soul and personality ray of people up to the Third Initiation.

Spiritually aware people on the Fourth Ray are exploring ideas designed to change the way we live on this planet, and they know that since the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 quickened their awareness of the need for action to close the gap between the actual and the desired that their position has become increasingly and acutely uncomfortable. They are trapped like monkeys with their paw in the nut pot. They are holding too much to withdraw their paws and achieve the freedom of a different quality of lifestyle which they have envisioned or the satisfaction of more worthwhile work which they know exists. They cannot bring themselves to let go.

This is particularly evident when the sign Virgo (which brings in the Sixth Ray) is influencing the fourth Ray expression. The Moon is the ruler of Virgo at the esoteric level and Mercury at the level of personality. The blend of Fourth and Sixth ray creates passivity. These fastidious, analytical people know that the way we are living our lives is not right; they know that we have to look after our vehicles better (both our own physical bodies and that of out planet). Their sense of responsibility tells them that; but the same sense of responsibility keeps them in thrall to their present commitments and to the social values which underpin them. The influence of the Moon makes them think in terms of form and quantity, and when quality of life is set against tangibles it can look frivolous, self indulgent and risky, especially to women who have sole responsibility for their children and their education. 

Moving forward, making the break with the past is a masculine role. In the traditional marriage structure it was the role of the man to decide when it was time to move on, and the role of the woman to make it happen. But now so many women are bringing up children without the support of a male and are so exhausted with the task of trying to combine in themselves the male and female functions that a decision of this kind -to reject the conventional value system and the structures it supports and to strike out alone- is a bridge too far. It is precisely through caring for others that they have been made aware of how much is wrong with our present lifestyle. Yet when it comes to action they hesitate, searching for confirmation that they are right, waiting for others to go first.

This is the dilemma of the Fourth Ray at this time, and the position of these Fourth Ray individuals is the position of the human kingdom as a whole. We are too materially attached, too bound to the values of our materialistic societies, too short of conscious masculine energy to realise the opportunities which exist for us and respond to situations which require action. On the mental plane ideas are being formulated but, very largely, this is where they remain, because in order to realise these plans we have to give certain things up, we have to let go and put physical effort into building something new. It is easy to plan; it is far less easy to give things up, even though time is running short.

It is the role of the Fourth Ray to break this impasse by each of the individuals consciously caught up in this dilemma finding a way forward. They do this on behalf of us all. This is their contribution at this time. They will help themselves by being persistent yet flexible in their thinking, prepared to alter aspects of their plans whilst remaining true to their vision. Collectively, it is hoped these small, individual initiatives will create the necessary critical mass to raise vibration by this injection of idealism into everyday life and raise the vibration of those living in the material world. 

Master Serapis Bey remains vigilant, looking out for individuals who may be able to find a new angle on this dilemma, which may persuade a few more people to invest in the idea of a quality of life that is safer for our children than remaining slaves to the prevailing materialistic exploitative value system with its illusion of security; he is looking out for men who can take responsibility and balance the feminine concern with continuity. 

We cannot go back and undo the harm we have done to our planet. We can only go forward and make a new contract with the Earth, and begin the work of cleaning up and healing that will take generations.

We are now in the fourth month of the year. Since the start of 2006 I have seen around 100 clients. Of this number well over 50 per cent have been Fourth Ray women who readily recognise that they are caught in the monkey trap, waiting for something to change, for some structure to be put in place to bridge the void gaping between realised and unrealised, wanting to make a contribution yet unprepared to let go of contemporary measures of success and recognition, and, above all, unwilling to let go of security. They are, on their own admission, “stuck”; and many are drifting back towards conventional feminine activities with which they feel familiar. They do not feel ready to be pioneers. Yet, unless they make something happen in their own everyday lives there will be no change on a global scale because people who have no vision will do nothing.

If you recognise that you are caught in the monkey trap, take pride in your role and resolve to find a way forward, processing the difficulties and dilemmas in your own lives. You do it for yourselves and for those for whom you are responsible and for humanity as a whole. There is no substitute now for conviction, courage and cooperation. The future of the human race will be determined by these qualities.

At some point in the next few years courageous decision will have to be made by ordinary people -householders bringing up children- which will change the lives of the individuals concerned. We have to give up many familiar things and embrace the challenge of the unknown because there is no other way. Regardless of whether 2012 is a reality for you or not, you know that the way we are living our lives is not right.

In May a small group of us, Finnish nationals and DK Foundation people, will meet in Lapland. This marks the start of our Koruna project. Please wish us well.

Suzanne Rough
April 2006

This month my colleague Peter Cajander has published his first book Fragments of Reality. This is spiritual literature in trainers, rather than boots, dumping concepts, structure and mediation of other beings in order to travel lightly. As such it prefigures the spirituality of the future. See more at 


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