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The Habit of Waiting

As we all know, the view changes the higher we climb.

I am told that from DK’s vantage point a growing problem is in evidence here on Earth. Apparently, humanity, and specifically those with spiritual awareness, are not doing what the present time requires and there is a serious shortfall. The energy rising is not of a quality or quantity to enable it to make contact with that trying to come through to the lower level of the planet’s energy field.

The situation being described here is governed by a fourth ray principle. A coming together of higher and lower is required so that a new direction can be born out of the contact.

If present trends continue there will not be that meeting, nor that new birth.

The biggest problem, it appears, is inertia; people are waiting. But waiting for what? Waiting has become a feature of spiritual life and it is a corollary of wanting.

We are wanting more even though our lives are bogged down with material possessions, even though large numbers of Britons and Americans are dangerously overweight and our spirits are burdened by neurotic anxieties, of which the fear of not having enough is amongst them. These are evils of consumerism and increasing numbers are applying them to spirituality.

We have enough knowledge but we are not using it: we are selling it, buying it, hording it and talking about it but we are not working with it, not really, not in every day life because we want something else, something more, something different, something easier and more sensational that gives immediate results

But there will be nothing forthcoming because it cannot come through. Knowledge is not omnipresent nor is it inexhaustible; it is supplied under law. 

What is offered at any one time is like a roll of fabric: it can be cut into snippets so everybody has some or it may be distributed to only a very few, who will have enough to make a garment out of it, but there is only so much fabric on the roll. Before the New Age, esoteric knowledge was secret. This way, kept amongst those who had had to work hard for it, there was a great likelihood that it would be better used. When knowledge is made widely available there is a point at which diminishing returns set in. The New Age always was a gamble...

The remedy for this shortfall is action; it is to do something now, for the planet, with such knowledge as we have, rather than waiting for something more for ourselves even if it is only reassurance. A sense of inadequacy is now a favourite place for inertia to go, so that it can pass itself off as something else that commands sympathetic attention from others.

The Bailey groups discuss the Restoration of the Mysteries as something to look forward to. It is to be hoped that they are also beginning to give some thought to how this is going to happen, this marriage of heaven and earth which is to take place at various locations on the planet and which is to be a source of transmission?

For a start, consider the state of our Earth, a somewhat despoiled bride to put it politely.

The first requirement of the Restoration project in which I am involved in Britain is for people able to walk 50 plus miles in 3 days. We have to do this on a regular basis, showing the land that we are preparing some love and respect, and reopening public paths that have become blocked with disuse and misuse. This will take years and it is just the first step. This belongs to the reality of restoring the Mysteries. There is a huge need for masculine strength and energy in this work and none of us involved, including me, is going to achieve much through sitting on our bums. We have to get out and walk and work. And we do, and so will everyone else who joins us.

There is a young man in Glastonbury who goes up the Tor every morning before he goes into work and clears up litter, not because he gets paid for it (he does not) but because he loves the Tor knows that the presence of litter there is offensive to everyone and everything, seen and unseen.  He doesn’t need to ask anyone for permission or for reassurance that he is worthy enough to do the work. Nor does he question why he should pick up other people’s mess. He just gets on with what so obviously needs to be done.

There is not a person reading this article not able to do something towards cleaning up this planet, starting in our own gardens, streets and parks, and hopefully some will feel capable of organising some schemes.

Start somewhere with something that puts something back, become active and generate some energy in service to the planet. We’ve been given all we are going to get for now.

If a lead is not very long it may not easily fit into the appliance and the wall socket at the same time. If the wall cannot be moved then the appliance has to; if the appliance cannot be moved either, there will be no connection.

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