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There are few people who will have found the past year easy because so many of our routines and set points of reference are now being challenged by global conditions. It is no longer easy to simply standstill, although at a time when survival requires us to make radical changes, this is its own form of grace.

Within DK Foundation there has been confusion and upset too, caused, at least in part by my steadfast refusal to help people through their discomfort and confusion by persuading them to join the Koruna project or to talk up what we are doing. We are not choosing a destination for a holiday and I am not a tour operator working in a consumer market. I would not cheapen anyone’s life by behaving as if we were. Koruna exists for those who are ready for planetary service, but I am not selling any thing.

We must each know for ourselves what is the right response for us to give to the prospect of 2012, and if we don’t know we must find out. A great deal has been provided in the recent decades but no one can provide us with the motivation to invest in our own futures

The greatest gift that one person can give another is to help them towards the understanding that we are responsible for ourselves. Individually and collectively it is the door to freedom for humanity.

Please read the letter (reproduced below) written by my colleague Peter Kajander to Michael St. Clair whose work we are both observing with interest.

Whether or not it has been properly understood by our students, DKF has always stood for self responsibility, and DKF Koruna based in Lapland will serve a future that belongs to people who know who they are and who love life. In the West life has become thing with which we contend we rather than engage; that we bounce off it rather than draw around us. Shamballa has made it known that they cannot work with a humanity that does not love life nor know how to enjoy being in incarnation. Enjoyment is the secret of abundance and self belief is the secret of the power to manifest. If we are to serve our planet we will need to be able to manifest. As my friend Reshad Feild has said all his working life: ours are the only hands that God has.

And someone much older and wiser than either Reshad or I said this when I asked her what advice she had to give after her long and productive life: Belong to life. Make yourself into one of the fingers of the dawn. I had to think about this last statement and then I realised that at dawn rays of sun light steal across the sky to make a new morning.

Suzanne Rough

Peter to Michael St. Clair: October 2008 

This is the only advice you need: “Use your intuition.” 

If it is not enough here is something you have to learn first: “Become fearless.”

These two are more than enough. When you have questions come back for answers to those two points in their respective order. The second point has mainly to do with attachment. Remember that it is only relevant what you are going to do and it is of very little or no relevance to you what others are doing. Responsibility and sovereignty start and end in individuals. 

The following are mere technicalities and of less importance.

- Convert to gold
- Relocate to your Radiant Zone
- Establish a local community with an aim for self-sufficiency in vital matters
- Re-evaluate all your beliefs, possessions, skills, knowledge, lifestyle, habits and nutrition in respect to what is needed and available in the future.

Consider as given (and uncontrollable):

- fiat currencies and the current financial system become unstable and unreliable
- global superinfrastructure may not work in the future

There are plenty of information resources available for in-depth investigations but the focus should be in actions.

A quote by Ramla A. from Ramla’s Diary – A Rule of Attention: 

“When we were children, our elders taught us a great technique for personal power: DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to that which is unworthy. Years later, today, attention has been resurrected from ancient wisdom as an ultimate power that transfers to the other simply when it is given. If you give attention, you have given it. It will make whatever you're paying attention to, grow.”

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