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The Spiritual Issues of our Time: 1

Thinking About Change

If Truth is immutable, and spirituality is our route to the Truth how do we think about the idea of changing our approach? Can we? Should we? Why should there be any need to change anything?

At any one time in the past 100 years there have been spiritually active westerners, and many of them, looking to a simpler time and a simpler culture for inspiration and guidance. They have almost all looked to the East and to traditions that seem almost untouched by time.  Many have found comfort in this resilience to the erosions of time and it has, of itself, been taken as evidence that such traditions serve the unchanging Truth.

Western Christianity, by contrast, has not shown itself so resilient to change; in fact outside the Roman Catholic Church there has been great deal of store set by the ability to move with the times and remain relevant.

As approaches to spiritual inheritance they are diametrically opposed to each other, and each has had its effect upon spiritual life in our respective cultures, but this is not the change in approach that we are talking about in this article. Here we are looking at the idea that Truth itself, or at least that part of it in manifestation, is subject to change as it shows a different aspect of itself.

‘Having pervaded the entire world with a fragment of myself, I remain.’ D.K. is very fond of this statement from the Bhagavad Gita in which Krishna explains the dual nature of the Christ principle to Arjuna, and those who have read the Alice Bailey books, will have come across a number of references to it as a means of explanating how the Christ principle manifests both in form (at that time, through the form of Krishna) and through spiritual manifestation upon its own plane.

The Truth is also dual in nature: it is both in manifestation, being the quality of all that is, but it also exists upon its own plane, the quality of everything that ever was and will be. This is the Truth Immutable, the quality of Being itself.

As beings we each have our own truth and are fragments of the Truth in manifestation. Through our spiritual efforts, we attempt to raise our consciousness above the level of the separated personality, we become a part of the truth of something greater than ourselves i.e., that of the soul. And the soul itself aspires to become part of something greater with its own truth i.e., the Monad.

We will not attempt to go beyond this level although there is another triad above it, but we will rather focus upon this triad of which we form a part, and consider that each of its constituents needs to be in rapport with the other, adjusting as they change.

These three levels of being have their correspondence of the planets, the sun, and the constellations of the Milky Way.

The planets, we know, move around the sun and rotate on their axis; the sun rotates on its axis, and in doing this all are showing different faces or aspects of their total being to each other (see Endnote 1).

The planets as they move see the sun in different relationships with the constellations; the tilt of the Earth’s axis produces the moving vernal point which gives us the Great Year of 26,000 years made up of twelve Ages, governed by seven Rays.

There is ceaseless movement in the heavens and new combinations are being created all the time from orbital movement and axial rotation.

And so it is with their correspondents, human personality, the human soul and the Monad. Personalities are creating new groupings and responding to different aspects of the soul, which in turn is responding to different aspects of the Monad.

The personality has a total of twelve aspects, the soul has seven, and the Monad three:

(12 x 7 x 3 = 252 = 9 which is the number of completion.)

One day Astrology will help us see the patterns comprising this process, this dance of the three levels and, when we will understand it better, our consciousness will open up to this aspect of the Truth in manifestation. Then we will lose our fear of change because we will see the Immutable Truth behind the patterns of the kaleidoscopic.

But for now we hold our breath and cling to the old ways, fearful that change means deviation from the Truth, even though we know that we are now in the age of Aquarius and it is now the Seventh Ray that is shaping the consciousness of the personality in incarnation. The Seventh Ray contains in itself all the other rays including the mighty First Ray, which in the Theosophical tradition is called the Ray of Will to Power.

But the truth will out, as we say. The truth of ourselves is expressing itself in everyday life day life and it frightens us. We ask ourselves what hope is there for us and our planet if we cannot turn back time, and make ourselves like those people from simple cultures who lived in another Age, an Age in which receptivity and submission were defining qualities, when the reality is that we have other qualities to develop in the name of spirituality and other responsibilities to recognise.

Every year The DK Foundation receives hundreds of communications from people in distress and confusion, who because they do not know how to think about the changes being brought by time, or about the reality of our contemporary lives, are in denial of their own truth.

 In coming articles we look at two major contemporary issues:



Endnote 1

But not all aspects can be seen. On Earth, owing to the fact that its rotation period is relative to its period of sidereal revolution (27.3 days), the moon only ever shows us the same face. On Earth we do not see all aspects of the moon, and if we did we must assume that the evolution of life and consciousness on our planet would have taken a very different form.  

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