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Per Ardua ad Astra

At eighteen I was at university, a mediocre philosophy student with a bad attitude. 

The administrative heart of the university was a building which, in my eyes, had neither aesthetic merit nor human warmth. Its gleaming floors made your shoes squeak and the smell of polish was overpowering. Hanging above the central staircase in this mausoleum was the university’s badge and motto: Per Ardua ad Astra: Through Adversity to the Stars. If these noble words were supposed to make me straighten my spine, throw out and my chest with pride and recommit to my life goals, they did not - probably because I had no goals to which to recommit. I would squeak desolately beneath the motto with a scowl in which there was as much pain as derision because I longed for something to reach me in my existential void where big words and philosophical truths echoed without meaning. Probably the only thing more depressed than me at that time was the city in which the university was located.

Now, as I disengage my self from the DK Foundation and return after a period of nearly 10 years to astrological research, that motto returns to me: Per Ardua ad Astra. 

Dear Vice- Chancellor, I got there eventually…

The astrology that I am working on now is to serve our needs after 2012 and it stellar, rather than planetary in focus.

It will take us out through the lesser Zodiac, that construct on the mental plane, and out to the freedom of the stars.

In Esoteric Astrology DK wrote that a time will come when it is past and not the future which will be veiled from humanity. That time is coming now. It will not matter to those born after 2012 who have their heart centres open, where they have come from and what is in their psyches; what will matter is where they can go into the spiritual realms during their time on Earth, and what they can bring back to help our planet’s cleaning and healing, because that is the form that spiritual quests of the future will take. 

The astrological tables which we are using at present will no longer be accurate but they will not be needed then anyway. We can observe the sun in its course as the ancients did and see the stars. That will supply our basic needs because it will be a simpler system than that used in the West, which at present, is in support of the astrology of probability in which past determines the future.

For the future we will focus upon the sun and two stars which will have to be ascertained by an astrologer for each individual. Collectively, these three points of light once known and befriended, will draw upwards the spiritual self in its three aspects: the first aspect is the self conscious individual in incarnation; the second aspect is the intuitive self by means of which the Soul guides the personality; and the third aspect is the self that is responsive to the Monad and an agent of spiritual will. When these three aspects are active we can plug ourselves into the spiritual realm to enhance our awareness of ourselves as opportunities for spirit in time and space. We will talk of stellar inspiration not influence.

My colleague Megan is devising dances to increase stellar receptivity. Into her section of this website Megan has put some details about her dances and the public events at which she will be teaching them. As you read them remember that, properly speaking, the sun is a star and not a planet. 

This approach to astrology will be central to the work done by DKF-Koruna after 2009 and will be used to inspire and inform the planetary servers of the future. 

So, using astrology in service, my colleagues and I go out of the same door as we came in, in order to strike out in a new direction. Another time, another road. Thank you to all our readers for all your support down the years. May your own roads come clear to you. 

With love from us all, 

Suzanne December 2007

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