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Through the Doorway 1: Chiron in the Houses

In this article and the next, we address the task of interpreting Chiron’s message through the birth chart.

These two articles are entitled ‘Through the Doorway’ because, by examining the placement of Chiron by house (area of life) and sign (quality of expression), we will discover the direction in which we need to go, the doorway through which we must pass, if we are to find the orientation and the activities that will give us the opportunity to lose self-centredness and to find purpose in our daily lives.

The houses which are of such value in practical Western horoscopy, are a meaningless concept to a Magian astrologer, and so the table given below was compiled without reference to my friend. He has supplied some very useful insights into the zodiacal signs, however, and these have been worked into the article that will appear next month, the final article in this series.


Chiron as lodger of Jupiter - the Sapient

Chiron as lodger of Virgo -
1) the Scar on the Soul

2) the Wounded Healer

Chron as lodger of Uranus - Our Star of Direction



Personal effectiveness

Creates an interest in the idea of a strong and effective personality; susceptible to charisma of others.

1) Brings to consciousness the awareness of the extent of the fear, lack of confidence and sense of inadequacy in situations requiring assertiveness.

2) Creates the desire to work with others to increase their confidence and level of personal effectiveness.

Creates personalities that are designed to lead others and that understand the spiritual value in direct action and assertiveness; confers charisma, persuasiveness and authority.



Money & values

Creates an interest in money and in the independence that material self-sufficiency confers.

1) Brings to consciousness the contradictions within the personality that sabotage efforts to achieve material self-sufficiency, or the aim to be the master, rather than a slave, to money.

2) Creates awareness of the need to prioritise and to establish an authentic system of values to which to commit; determined to achieve

maintain financial independence and not to be a burden others.

Creates a willingness to re-evaluate and challenge socially conditioned values and suggest alternatives that will enrich life for more people; confers practicality,

resourcefulness, and incorruptibility.




Creates an interest in and an enthusiasm for communication, learning and literature

1) Brings to consciousness problems arising in communication with others, or with the kind of education (or lack of it) received, and the sense of personal inferiority and vulnerability arising from this state of affairs.

Frequently, a sibling is the agent for the externalisation of the problem in consciousness-sibling rivalry.


2) Creates the awareness that there is a need to work purposefully to acquire the required proficiency; will want to encourage others similarly inconvenienced to do the same.

Creates an awareness of the power of the ideas that are prevalent in our cultures, and a willingness to use the various media to create the kind of product that that will become agent for change in the way that people understand themselves and their lives.















Perpetuation & continuity

Creates a fascination with in the feminine the form of women, the past, psychology, the unconscious, tradition, maternal experience and the idea of homemaking.

1) Brings to consciousness the awareness of how much that is painful, lost and unresolved in the personal past; lack of control over the domestic environment;

Frequently, the mother is the agent for the externalisation of the problem in consciousness-lack of bonding with the mother.

2) Creates a willingness to take responsibility and examine the inheritance, dealing with the painful memories in an attempt to resolve issues to do with the past and the parenting; prepared to work and to communicate with others in a way that stands to improve the quality of their self- awareness.

Creates an understanding of the need to deal with the past, both personal and collective; confers an ability to penetrate the psyche and bring things to state of effective resolution; able to get free from the dead hand of the past and to encourage others to take responsibility and do the same for themselves and for those for whom they are responsible.



Creativity and individuality

Creates an interest in creative expression and a desire to gain recognition for the creative output.

1) Brings awareness of inhibitions, creative blocks and fundamental doubt about the spiritual validity of the individual.

2) Creates a willingness to explore and to help others understand the connection between individuality and creativity, and to grapple with the idea that individuality is spiritually valid.

Creates powerful, creative personalities with a sense of being agents between the higher worlds and those of man.


(one of Chiron’s lodgings)


Creates an interest in the physical vehicle from the point of view of health, creative expression and capacity to work.

1) Brings awareness of physical weakness and focuses upon the incapacities; inclines towards long term illness that determine the shape of the life, as well as eating disorders and other neurotic conditions that are expressive of unease with the physical aspect of the self.

2) Creates an interest in equipping the body to be a fitting vehicle for the soul; inclines towards healing and techniques like yoga that improve the bodies condition.

Creates personalities with a spirituality of a very practical kind who seek to use the body’s physical capacities to help others.




Creates a fascination with relationships, particularly relationships involving intimacy; searching for significance.

1) Brings awareness of the difficulties in achieving fulfilling personal relationships.

2) Creates an awareness of the need to work at personal relationships in a practical way; inclines towards tenacity in relationships and long-lasting partnerships. Frequently, the marriage partner is the agent for the externalisation of the problem in consciousness-need to find the balance between emotional security and self-honesty.

Creates people who understand that relationship is the basis of consciousness; inclines towards one-on-one work of all kinds.



Emotional regeneration

Creates a fascination with sex, power and, frequently, the occult.

1) Brings an awareness of vulnerability vis-a-vis people with whom there is a strong emotional or sexual attraction; inclines towards obsessions.

2) Creates a willingness to explore the areas of the psyche that produce the desire to dominate or to be dominated; inclines towards ‘heavy duty’ psychology and psychiatry.

Creates personalities who know how to use the astral plane with enough detachment and self-control to make developmental opportunities for others; inclines towards devotional forms of spirituality that focus upon emotional regeneration.


(one of Chiron’s lodgings)


Creates an interest in the quest for knowledge; frequently interested in organised spiritual activity.

1) Brings an awareness of difficulties involved in accepting the terms of which knowledge is offered; problems with spiritual leaders.

2) Creates an awareness of the transitory nature of relationships with spiritual teachings and teachers, and of the need to quest in order to become spiritually autonomous.

Creates people who are prepared to be agents for the dissemination spiritual knowledge and guides in the matter of others’ learning.



Achievement and recognition

Creates an interest achieving status and recognition; ambitious for success without any clear idea of how to achieve it

1) Brings awareness of the difficulties of organising the life in a way that will bring about achievement; discloses fears about taking responsibility and dealing with authority figures.

Frequently, the father is the agent for the externalisation of the problem in consciousness-absent or ineffectual father.

2) Creates a willingness to acknowledge the disparity between the ambitions and the ability to achieve, and works consciously to deal with the sabotaging tendencies in order to gain recognition; will often show patience and encouragement to those who others dismiss as losers.

Creates people who can ‘stand in this world but bow in the next’ i.e., those who use positions of authority and influence to achieve non-personal aims, or reformers who, to save time effort, will work within the established systems, rather than against them.


(one of Chiron’s lodgings)

Communality & group activity

Creates an interest in anti-establishment values; likes to adopt ideas and fashions that shock; disruptive in group situations.

1) Brings the awareness that the desire to shock is a mask for a sense of personal inadequacy or vulnerability; fearful of losing identity, tends to avoids group situations.

2) Aware of the efficacy of group activity and prepared to accept he rules that will promote the continuity and effectiveness of the group, participating where possible.

Creates people who understand the power of concerted action and create organisations designed to bring about social change.




Create an interest in mysticism and its exponents.

1) Brings awareness of the imperfections of the personality that prevent union; inclines towards a sense of personal unworthiness and impotence; idealises and submits to guru figures.

2) Creates a willingness to take responsibility and to adopt a patient and pragmatic approach to spiritual development; inclines to devotionalism and service to humanity.

Creates people who are inspired to look

afresh at what will help humanity raise its vibration, whether through music, poetry or a new presentation of spiritual truths.

Suzanne Rough

April 2001

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