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We live in a world of need.  No one with his heart open can be untouched by this or unresponsive to it.  And yet the direction that spirituality has taken in recent decades, as Piscean duality thrashes its tail for the last time, has rendered many spiritually refined people impotent when confronted with material realities.  Spiritual awareness has retreated from the physical plane rather than try to impose its imprint upon it.

Not only does this state of impotence leave the way clear for the greedy and the acquisitive to continue to despoil the earth, it means we turn away the needs of others because we perceive that we are helpless; and in our own lives we wait passively for change to happen in line with our expectations and preferences.  To comfort ourselves we say unctuously (as if our own intentions and efforts were not part of the manifesting process) that if it is meant to happen it will happen.  There is truth in this, but we are entitled to make this statement only when we have put in effort and given our very best.  Not before, not as a justification for inaction.

The fact is that many spiritually aware people have been avoiding the challenge of the material plane for so long that they have become fearful of it.  We have to learn how to make things happen, and we have a need to learn fast in the run-up to 2012 before, collectively and individually, we lose more options.

KH urges us to understand that the biggest challenge to the selfish, acquisitive, retentive mentality which has created poverty on this richly endowed planet is the sharing of our material resources, and acting in accordance with that understanding.

In addition to the things that we do best and can contribute from within our comfort zones, all of us who consider that we serve the good should be identifying some cause or causes to which to commit ourselves, offering material help in the form of physical effort or money.   This way, as we help others, we will help ourselves to break out of this learned helplessness and to feel empowered, not as individuals but as part of a group of committed contributors.

Sending in good will and positive thought from the comfort of our safety zones is not enough; that is something to do as well as, not in place of.

The time-honoured practice of tithing still has its place: at least one tenth of everything we earn or are given (after tax) should be passed on to some cause in which we truly believe.  This is practical, immediate and effective.  Taking responsibility to identify something worthwhile is part of the contribution.

Likewise with knowledge: share knowledge, and we make room to receive more, because knowledge too is a material resource.

Our efforts may seem paltry compared to the scale of the problem, but the results on the physical level are only one dimension of the contribution we are making.  What we also offer is our intention.  That intention will be that much stronger if we accept the challenge of physicality and stop protecting ourselves from the direct experience in the realm of consequences which is our material world.  In comfort zones, the lion in the heart is replaced by a sentimental humanitarianism, which is as ineffectual as it is wishy-washy.

All DKF members are required to do service work which brings them into direct contact with people and situations in everyday life.  It is because our feet are firmly on the ground that we are useful to the Hierarchy.

Go physically towards need and we will surely have our comfort zones challenged; we will surely see what needs to change and what we know must not be allowed to happen any more.  Experience will impress us in a way that is formative of resolve, and resolve calls on will which shapes the world that is in formation.  This is what can break down the acquisitive patterns which have the planet in thrall.

DKF Associate and author of The Revolution of 2012, Andrew Smith, is making it his business to share the knowledge that he has about 2012 through a programme of public talks.  Speaking publicly challenges Andrew’s comfort zones, his physical resources and his pocket, but it is his contribution to making things happen, and the very least we can do is assist his efforts.

The present programme for summer/autumn 2007 is published below, together with an article indicating the substance of his talks.

Andrew is making himself available to talk to groups anywhere, so if you value what he might be able to tell you, please make the physical effort to organise a group meeting to enable him to share his valuable knowledge, and get into the habit of making things happen for others and for yourself before the options further reduce.

Suzanne Rough

The Revolution of 2012

What’s New!

Andrew Smith will be talking in depth about 2012 and the many related issues at various locations throughout the UK.

Calendar Dates

Sunday, 24th June Totnes
Contact Geoffrey – tel 01803-868 744

Wednesday, 4th July Wessex Research Group, Frome. 7.15 for 7.30pm @ Frome Rugby Club. 
Call Marina on 01373-466391 if you need directions or more information.

Thursday, 5th July, Brighton 7.15 for 7.30pm, at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street.
Contact tel 07769-666729

Tuesday, 10th July St. Albans 7.15-9.30pm
Friends Meeting House, 7 Upper Lattimore Road, St. Albans

Contact tel 01727-751777

Tuesday, 30th October (near Glastonbury) Barton St. David village hall  3.30pm

Other talks are currently being arranged in  Salzburg, Austria, Totnes and Portsmouth/Southsea and Chalice Well, Glastonbury.  Andrew is available to talk to groups throughout the UK.  If you would like to arrange a group meeting in your area, please email to [email protected]

Interviews with Andrew Smith
Video interview with Andrew Smith.

Watch Andrew as he speaks to a local lecture group!

2012 and Beyond

by Andrew Smith

According to Carlos Barrios in his book “Kam Wuj, El Libro del Destino”, the Fourth World, of a highly materialistic nature, finished on 16th August, 1987, the day of the Harmonic Convergence.  At that point, the world entered a time of major transition, during which there is a a colossal global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and on-going Earth changes.  This in-between period will continue until the Winter Solstice 2012.  It will be a time of rebirth, the beginning of the Fifth World, a new era when people live in harmony with Mother Earth, a time of fusion and integration of Life and Light.  Similar and consistent understandings have been shared by Hopi and other American Indian Elders, along with Eskimo “Grandparents”.

More recent direct communications from the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood have confirmed that the Earth would be changing and evolving on a scale beyond precedent.  It is time for the Earth to rejoin the other planets in the Solar System, which long ago evolved to Fifth Dimensional consciousness and beyond.  The Earth needed this for her own evolution, as well as for the needs of the entire Solar System to itself grow and evolve.  Human beings were invited to undertake this great journey also – provided they were willing to go through the required process of Attunement to the new Spiritual Design. 

The current foundation belief of contemporary mankind that the Earth exists primarily for the human species will be replaced by the balanced perspective that humanity is a valued participant on Earth when appropriately Attuned to to Spirit and fully respectful of all living kingdoms and their inhabitants.

We learn from Master Kuthumi’s Red Letters that survival of the physical events of 2012 is a matter of personal choice, because the necessary warnings, organisation, and the knowledge of how to survive and thrive will all be in place.  Survival will be dependent upon group endeavour, while co-operation will be the centerpiece of consciousness, where now self-centredness tends to predominate.

The paramount choice for humanity is the extent to which we individually change and adapt to the new realities in each remaining year up to 2012, including our re-integration of the Divine Feminine into all aspects of society. 

Each of us depends critically on the flow of Spiritual Light through our beings for the very sustenance of life in our physical bodies.  As the wavelengths become more and more refined, there is less and less life support for individuals in traditional third dimensional modes of living.  This seemingly harsh reality lends considerable urgency to the need to attune at a Heart level to the evolutionary requirements of this Spiritual Design, through the Winter Solstice 2012.  After this point, there will be no Spiritual life-support for individuals without Fifth Dimensional consciousness.  Staying on the Earth will no longer be a viable option for them.  Their evolutionary path will naturally take them to new lives on other planets in the Universe which are still at third or fourth dimensional levels.  There they will find a new home which matches their current vibrational and evolutionary needs.

This is truly a wake-up call so that all of us who love the Earth and wish to stay onboard, can complete the necessary inner work of Attunement with Fifth Dimensional consciousness and the release of prior karmic patterns.  The good news is that there is, and will continue to be, much support available for individuals learning to function at these higher levels of consciousness.  The opening of the Heart Centre, coupled with a strong inner commitment, will be an essential step for individuals to Attune with and tangibly live these higher vibrational realities.  The explicit re-admittance of the Divine Feminine to a full participation in all humanity’s activities and realities will be a critical element in the softening of all aspects of Earthly life.  If one knows the broad outline and general direction of the changes, one can more readily place the unfolding events in a meaningful context.  Preparations can be made for riding the evolutionary wave instead of being submerged by it.  Plans can be altered thoughtfully in measured response to various manifestations of Nature’s events.

Over the centuries, many people on their individual Spiritual paths have yearned for a Golden Age when their dreams of a well-functioning, harmonious, and mutually loving world would truly be present.  For so long it has seemed that it would always remain in the abstract or in the mythical stories of the Golden Ages of ancient civilisations.  Now, in this extraordinary time period of 2006-2012, the promise of fundamental change is coalescing at last.  The challenge for each individual is to find their way forward to being part of the New World and actually participate in that continuous joy and harmony for so long searched for and dreamed after. 

Andrew Smith    

For more information about Andrew’s book “The Revolution of 2012”, visit or   If you would like to invite Andrew to talk to a group in your area, or to contact him directly, email [email protected]   To see “The Red Letters”  visit   

The Dances of Universal Peace -- A Sacred Path to an Open and Attuned Heart

  These simple dances are great fun yet profoundly moving.  They are inspired by the wisdom and sacred phrases of the great Spiritual traditions and practices.  Essentially, they are a form of celebration and meditation through sacred sounds and devotional movements.  Through dancing together in a circle and singing sacred phrases, we create an atmosphere of peace and unity. 

The Dances focus on individual experience rather than concepts or premises.  We come to know for ourselves peace, joy, harmony and unity directly.  We feel more of ourselves and more of others.  The dances offer a safe way to be open with other people, creating trust on a deep level.  The dances are healing and revitalising.  We feel more LIFE.     

The dances use the sound resonance of singing sacred phrases from many Spiritual sources.  These refined vibrations penetrate and take up long-term residence in our physical and emotional bodies and greatly facilitate their integration with the Spiritual Realms.

The power of the ancient Sanskrit and Aramaic words to change reality can be experienced by singing and dancing such pieces as:

Om Mane Pedme Hom

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, boidhi svarha

The Lord's Prayer and Beatitudes in their original spoken Aramaic.  

Besheme, where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

The founder of the dances  Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis was also Zen Master, as well as exploring esoteric Christianity and Hindu paths to higher levels. He pointed out that words and dogma had had little effect in creating harmony and Spiritual connection.  He proposed that we eat, dance, and pray together as a means of initiating peace and balance.

Dancers have shared that the sense of belonging to the same "tribe" is strong from the very first dance at a meeting.  The joy of combining song and dance from so many spiritual traditions awakens a deep sense of recognition.  And no matter how often we dance the same Dance and how much we feel we have deepened in our processes through it, there's always potential to explore so many more levels.

The combination of dance and song has an incredibly liberating effect.  It is a direct way to experience one's self.     

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