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Every year, usually several times a year, a client or a student will ricochet off the DK Foundation because we are unable to let them have what they want on their own terms. Often those terms are quite unsuitable, the equivalent of asking for directions to the North Pole and insisting on travelling via the South Pole. There is nothing surprising about this. After all, most of us have been brought up in cultures where you can have what you want, provided you pay for it.

But spirituality is not a consumer market, and a school has responsibilities for what it is distributing and the message it gives out. If we want to go North we have to face North, eventually.

The Foundation teaches on three levels. Students on Level 1 and level 2 students pay for their material and little is expected of them, although most Level 2 students are aware that they are part of something, which acts as a generator. For Level 3 students it is a quite different situation. These students are working on integrating knowledge and being and they must all make a contribution to the Foundation. The exchange is on the level of energy not money and nothing can proceed without this payment. This is one of the rules.

These rules are not of my making; they are rules based on the laws of distribution.

In order to receive, one has to give. A student who shares with others what he or she has will be given more, will understand more quickly and will be given more. Hoard knowledge in an acquisitive and competitive fashion like a squirrel with nuts and the system of distribution will grind to a halt. To say thank you opens doors and failure to express appreciation slams them shut. Many people appear to feel diminished by saying thank you and sorry. There is nowhere one can go with a student with such an attitude: either they get over themselves or they have to leave.

Unrealistic expectations are another aspect of trying to get things on your own terms. There are cultural differences in evidence here. In this matter, English students are inclined to arrogance and expect status before have worked for it. The Americans work very hard but are inclined to take themselves far too seriously and want to indulge in personality drama.

And then there are our clients asking for help and guidance of differing kinds and who, if they want a certain result, must honour rules, based on the laws of cause and effect. If we plant acorns we will get oaks and not any other kind of tree.

The last person to ricochet off the Foundation was a client, a woman who said and believes that she wants more than anything else to be well. The fact is, however, there are things with which she is far more concerned, notably preserving the image of niceness, which has been her coping strategy and her spiritual signature. Sadly, she believes that it is only if she is nice that people will like her. The investment in this image has left her no room to process the anger that she feels when people mistreat her. She is storing it and it has made her very ill.

To a greater or lesser degree we spiritually minded people are all caught up in this kind of reinvention, sacrificing our power and potential to what we believe we need, and it is the cause of much illness at this time. To admit to having anger and resentment does not make us any less of a nice person, any more than denying it proves that we are. To admit to it simply acknowledges that we are made of the same stuff as everyone else and it helps to keep the channels of consciousness open. There is a great freedom in being ordinary. We can avail ourselves of it without giving up our intention to become something more.

We have no intelligent comprehension of what the process of individuation has done to mental substance, the mental substance of which all of us in incarnation are made. In the name of spirituality we entertain self-denying ideas, usually as a substitute for effective action that are guaranteed to provoke an outraged reaction. In time, Pluto will bring to the surface the detritus from these negative emotional reactions. What else is cancer if not a clearing into the physical of negative emotion? Pluto, a first ray planet, does not represent the cancer; it represents the process of clearing it out of the system. It is a first ray planet; it clears away the old in support of new life, and it is not in the least interested in the terms we would impose upon the process.

If we are ill we are victims of negative patterns in our energy field. There is no obligation on anyone to be well: illness can be a very valuable experience, provided we are aware of this and are not in a state of fear and resentment about it.  But if we wish to be well, we have to become aware of those patterns and then work to change them; otherwise we will generate more illness as energy flows through the same matrices. Removing a tumour does not remove the pattern.

If there is time, it is best to sow the seed, stand back and let time and opportunity do its work, but there are circumstances in which a burden is falling on others or there simply is not time, as in the case of clients with certain illnesses, when it is necessary to issue a challenge.

I am not doing my job if I miss this opportunity to create awareness of this, but ill people are accustomed to sympathy, and it can come as a big a shock when they are told to start taking responsibility for themselves. It came as a shock to my client mentioned above.

But no one, neither client nor student, need endure me. Everyone is free to leave; they will not be chased down the street, nor forced to be well, nor relieved of huge sums of money.  It is I who am not free to let the rules fall into disrespect.

If we want to receive we have to give; if we want to be free of discontent, unfulfilment and illness we have to tackle the causes, which may appear to be in the world, but they are always, always in ourselves because we have the freedom to accept what we have. At this time, most of the western world finds itself somewhere between the proverbial two stools, between acceptance of what is, and commitment to change; between wanting self-understanding, but not wanting the responsibility for self. This is especially true in the matter of health. And it is not a comfortable place to be.

Please read the letter of the month with its powerful message about saving, redeeming and healing ourselves.

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