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In the past few years, regular visitors to our site may be aware that through our Friends of the Foundation page we have been concerned to promote the services of people and organisations that we consider express the intention to serve. The forms of that organisation or service and the belief or conceptual systems underpinning them are likely to be widely different. After all, there are seven rays.

The DK Foundation is a Third Ray organisation. We will continue with work on this ray and as we do so, we will give unconditional support to those working on other rays.

This spirit of ecumenicalism does not please everyone far from it. And we receive correspondence on a regular basis, most frequently from students of the Ageless Wisdom who express concern at our departure from the teaching of standard works. One such email has been made our
Letter of the Month and prompted the article The Rage of Angels

The DK Foundation was set up, at DKs request, to move on. The Bailey books were written for another generation and although they are still of immeasurable value to us, what would prefer to meet you if you had been made homeless and lost your family, a student of Theosophy with a headful of knowledge, or someone able to make a practical contribution, amongst which is the ability to make sense of a the situation.

Whenever there is a major disaster it is not only we who are tried and tested but our spirituality also. What do you feel when you look at the scale of devastation, what is your question? And if it is not your own, are you able to answer those who ask why?

In the light of this, on our Friends of the Foundation slot this month we are reproducing These are Monumental Times which is being circulated on the Internet to Fourth Ray Lightworkers.

Please hear the message and appreciate the intention; dont simply bounce off the form
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