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The Golden Thread of Consciousness

If we look back over the year that is drawing to a close, we can see that 2002 has issued us with two important reminders.

The first is that there is no bigger weapon of mass destruction than fear. What fear destroys are quality of life and freedom. Far from being stockpiled in the Middle East, it is being consciously manipulated in the world’s two most self-conscious democracies, Britain and America.

The second is that if we simplify and identify evil with specific personalities, we run the risk of thinking an example is the problem itself.

Personalities are electromagnetic fields and one of the things they can attract is evil.

If evil personalities exist, from where have they attracted the evil, and could we ourselves be attracting it? One thing is for sure; the personalities that the West is focusing upon do not contain all the evil in the world. So where else is it?

Such considerations are a better use of the time of intelligent people than warmongering and pointing fingers. 

Evil is an emotive word and requires definition.

What we call evil has it’s origin in the cosmos, as a force opposite and equal to light. This is not the darkness out of which light evolved, but the counter process to that evolution of which black holes are the phenomenal appearance. Evil is the toxic waste product from the process of evolving consciousness. Consciousness, however, knows how to recycle waste; evil knows only how to destroy.

All the stars that express the second aspect of divinity have their dark companions. Together they create a pole. In fact, the existence of the dark stars help to identify the cosmic transformers: Procyon alerts us to the function of Sirius, the ‘Black Horse’ to that of the white horse, Regulus, and Alcor to that of Mizar. And there are others.

The darkness in ourselves, our lower selves, attests to our own role as transformers. DK has said ‘a Master has walked out of the very heart of darkness’.

For human kingdom, evil is that which is used intentionally to countermand the law of the soul. It is the involutionary intention that gives power to the isolated, alienated, unaccountable, destructive personality and takes it deeper into materialism and separation.

The sign Capricorn is associated with and materialism, isolation and death; the name Nicholas corresponds to the Capricornian vibration. Old Nick with his horns and goat’s feet is the personality of the devil.

Nature is on the involutionary arc but it is not evil; destructiveness and isolation are features of manifested life but they are not always evil. Evil exists at the level of intention and, by definition, intention is conscious. The intention of evil is to pervert the course of the unfoldment of consciousness.

The involutionary intention can express itself in any number of ways. Recognising those forms is a responsibility that conscious people must assume. It does not help to become over-identified with one form; indeed it is most unwise to become over- identified with one form, be that a personality or a practice, because it allows others to go unrecongised. But we live in societies without wisdom. The past year has reminded us of that too, if we needed reminding.

In the Theosophical tradition, the intention to subvert the development of consciousness in our solar system is the defining quality of the Lords of the Dark Face.

The esotericist knows that without darkness there would not be light; and that without materiality there would not be consciousness. These things are as necessary to each other as are warp and weft.

But evil is rather more that the grit in the oyster shell. Evil has no interest in the process of the development of consciousness, of which it is a bi-product. It not only tries to destroy the fabric of consciousness, it tries to put an end to all future attempts to repair it. It makes consciousness forget itself. Then the state of grace, which is able to redeem even acts of evil, and of which Thich Nhat Hanh writes so remarkably in Being Peace, cannot be present. The waste then poisons the system and the darkness devours the light, be it in a person or on a planet.

Evil is a real force and a real threat in the world and in our lives. It is not notional, virtual, self-limiting or contained by rules and predetermined outcomes. The only check upon evil is consciousness itself.  DK has never taught otherwise but he chooses to focus upon the power of consciousness and the strength of the human spirit.

If we expect it to advertise its presence through suffering and the drama of black magic, we will get caught out. It is most insidious when, like alcohol and drugs, it numbs us to suffering and dulls awareness generally because suffering is humanity’s way of coming to consciousness.

Every generation has to recognise the form that evil takes in its own time and to commit afresh to the fight.

DK has said very recently: ‘The golden thread (of consciousness) must be carried on because it is that which leads back to the heart of God.’

And things may not be, as they appear, especially at a time like the present when fear is being manipulated so cynically by leaders, who have themselves much to conceal, and who are taking it upon themselves to identify evil. 

It is symptomatic of our age that we think in terms of personalities and not energies. The fact that a Middle Eastern dictator is manifesting worrying tendencies does not stop evil manifesting through other people, in other places and in different forms. It is an energy not a commodity.

For as long as we are focused on Saddam and his country we are not looking at who is behind him, or at what is going on in our own countries and behind our own leaders.

For as long as we are persuaded that we are living in a world peopled by baddies and terrorists and that we are the goodies, we are not looking at our own negative behaviour.

This kind of self-righteous, self-satisfied myopia is a gift to the Lords of the Dark Face. And how they must be laughing this year with the relatively small proportion of westerners that have any interest in what their leaders are saying looking under their beds for Islamic infiltrators, whilst most of the rest are shopping and watching junk television in a state of indifference to the fact that our freedoms are being eroded in the name of the war against terrorism.

In the fight against evil, there are no us and them. There is only us, personalities who have the capacity to be positive or negative in out attitude to life and in the way that we live our everyday lives. What DK calls the golden thread of consciousness is in our hands, and these same hands that have the power to destroy it under the influence of fear, hysteria, greed and indifference. All these states are fertile soil for evil and we are all capable of getting into those states, or being helped into those states by propaganda.

We do not need to be able to penetrate the lies that are political life and the reportage upon it in order to understand what is going on in world. We make that an excuse. What is going on in the world has already happened. We are simply witnessing the inevitable outworking of consequences (see Letter of the Month: ‘All we have to decide is how to use the time that is available to us.’)

Our need is to get in touch with our sense of integrity and live in accordance with it, putting it into the small things of life, so that we make a salutary contribution to what is yet undetermined. All we need to know is what is going on in ourselves and our own lives, and how to change things about ourselves and our lives that we know are not progressive.

When the threat is greatest so too are the opportunities because evil is evidence of movement, of a quickening of the solar system’s metabolism. This creates slipstreams. If the New Age has done its work it should not find us waiting for permission to recognise and follow what we consider to be right. Indeed, there is no time to wait because the threat is now very great. And the greatest threat is not from events in the Middle East but from the decadence within Western society.

To the East, and that includes the Middle East, the Guardians assigned the task of manifesting the raw material of human experiences, and so, to that extent, the present disruption is included in the ground plan for the fight for consciousness in our time.

To the West has been given the task of making sense of those experiences and turning them into consciousness on behalf of humanity as a whole. We do that when, as individuals, we live consciously and afford protection to our planet.

If we live consciously.

By 7:00 PM tonight, for the seventh time in a week, a very large proportion of the western world will be installed in front of the television, watching soaps and games shows, punctuated with images of Saddam and Osama bin Laden to remind us that they are the problem and we are alright.

And the vast majority of us will be spending Christmas in the same place, in front of the television, stressed out from ‘doing Christmas’, stupefied by food, drink and consumerism, watching anything, everything and nothing.

And we will go on to the live out the rest of our days bored, unfulfilled, never having found the purpose of our own lives or the off-switch on the television set.

This escapism and inertia were never part of the plan.

Please do read Ronan Tyler's summary of the talk given by Carlos Barrios in Santa Fe, which is featured on the Friends of the Foundation page this month. This report came through to us when this article was at the editing stage.

And for anyone wanting to try something different this year - and for the sake of us all it is hoped significant numbers will - we are reproducing last year’s article on the Twelve Holy Nights. Work with this structure and it will strengthen your resolve to stay awake this Christmas.

From all of us here at the D.K. Foundation, our very best wishes for a conscious Christmas.

The Twelve Holy Nights

December itself is a special (holy) month because it contains the festival of Christmas. The twelve holy nights represent a particularly hallowed period.

Three is the number of spirit

Seven is the number of Soul

Twelve is the number of personality

The three nights starting with Christmas Eve are the ‘Holy of Holies’: the door to the Angelic Kingdom is open at this time and it is a time for receiving.

The following four nights (bringing us to night 7) are about understanding this energy. It is a time for contemplation.

The remaining five nights (bringing us to night 12) are about grounding this energy. It is a time for activity and new beginnings.

After this, we are told, the elemental kingdom takes over the energy and its value to the human kingdom is spent. Hence the importance of shutting things down on Twelfth Night.

This special period has been created by the devotional activities of human kind over centuries and is a testimony to the power of massed, directed human thought, important at this time of global panic. It does not matter whether Christ was born on 25th December or not. What matters is that this time has been the focus of human thought and love for many, many generations and this created this imprint but it will weaken if it is not observed. Nativity sets (an idea attributed to St. Francis of Assisi) help the remembrance.

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