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Amongst those who have accepted the approaching process which we call 2012 there is a marked gender difference with men enthusiastically running on ahead and talking about the opportunities for human consciousness, and women struggling to find anything positive in the situation at all.  In this way do male and female demonstrate that they represent, respectively, Spirit and soul.  Spirit is aware of future and possibility; soul is aware of the quality of what is and from where it has come.  Male consciousness is excited by newness; feminine consciousness, aware of how the sensory nature suffers, is wary of the price at which change will come.

Put the two together and we have a balance: a consciousness that is aware of possibilities but a realism about the importance of physicality in human evolution.  The two are rarely found together, however.  In my experience those involved are either talking about developing five dimensional ( 5-D) consciousness OR physical survival.  Yet 5-D consciousness does not guarantee physical survival; and to make physical survival the sole focus is to forget that after 2012 this kind of physically polarised consciousness will not be able to stand the planetary vibration.  There are two issues involved here, not just one.

From the standpoint of the evolution of planetary consciousness, the point of a human being is to learn to stand on Earth and reach into Heaven.  It is not to achieve incorporeality.  Incorporeality is what we have out of incarnation; in incarnation, for which the disincarnate wait long and eagerly, we have physical vehicles and we have to learn to make them work for us.  All that the human achieves on behalf of consciousness he achieves from the experience of accessing the planes where experience, suffering and realisation enables his consciousness to grow.  This is the way of human evolution.

The choice to go out of incarnation for good exists for those with 6-D consciousness, not 5-D.  The person with 5th dimensional consciousness is an agent for  the spiritual realms on Earth.  With 6th dimensional consciousness the realised individual becomes a representative of human evolution in the spiritual realms.

My feminine consciousness is getting mighty weary of all the emphasis upon 5-D dimensional consciousness presented (usually by enthusiastic men) as if it can

exist someway independently of the material reality.  A human being achieves 5-D consciousness in direct proportion to the control he achieves over his physical vehicle and his mental and physical vehicles. The route is through mastery of the material plane, not evasion of it.  The physical vehicle is the host to the indwelling 5-D consciousness.  If we do not look after our physical vehicles we will not be able to develop the capacities that potentially are ours.  If we get swept away by floodwater or poisoned by toxins we will be dead, - disincarnate beings - once again, and the potential built into the design of our personalities will die with us.  In this case, what we have achieved will make its contribution to the human soul and to those who come afterwards.  But let us get real about the distinction between individual and collective, personal and impersonal.

Ask a Theosophist about the two world wars of the twentieth century and he will tell you in his impersonal way that it was a cleansing of the collective psyche that benefited the human family.  Ask your parents or your grandparents about the war they lived through, and they will talk from personal experience about the physical and emotional impact of war.

Out situation regarding 2012 is somewhere between those two positions, and we need to establish a balance.

We do well to consider in an impersonal way the reasons why this planetary event has to happen and what it makes possible, because this is good for developing a spiritual identity which can engage with that possibility.  This is very important if, like the planet, we are to go up a gear in consciousness.  But we also do well to consider what the physical reality is going to be and decide what we are going to do about this irreversible situation.

A person with 5-D consciousness has a greater control over his physical vehicle and control over material realities, but his physicality is not an irrelevance; nor will it be after 2012.

Right across the 2012 spectrum, people involved in raising awareness are avoiding or fudging the physicality issue.  Even those focused on physical survival are talking as though the real issue is one of finding a place where they can hole up for a while until the shops open again.

The principal problem is the fantastic belief, beloved of the ego, that we are indestructible, and this being the case it follows that we believe that our flimsy,

half-baked, half understood ideas picked off the Internet are going to give us, as individuals, control over matter as complete as that achieved by those very few who, through the application of knowledge, the observation of strict disciplines and training dedicate their lives to separating awareness from physicality.

Get real, friends. Human survival in incarnation depends upon keeping the physical vehicle alive, and not simply upon developing 5-D consciousness.

Suzanne Rough

March 2007

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