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In recent months, I have received several emails from website readers telling me solemnly and regretfully that they will not be able to afford to come to Lapland for 2012, not that I have yet issued any invitation to anyone nor so much as hinted at what the cost might be. In fact the Koruna project does not officially come into being until May 2009 and until then, far from asking people to commit, I am pushing them away and encouraging them to try and find out what is their true relationship with the aims of this project. This will be achieved not through surfing the Internet, collecting information and chatting -this may simply be displacement activity- but by being alone with self.

Why then are people wasting my time and their own giving out negative, unsolicited statements about a future which is still in its formative stage? Is it a plea for attention or help, or is it a way of justifying to self the habit of inertia? Whatever the reason it is an insight into the way we create the reality in which we then have to live.

If we properly understood how with each non-constructive word we utter or write, each negative thought we allow to settle like soot in our minds, we are shaping our futures, we would surely talk far less than we do. All of us could do with being far more aware than we are of what we are saying when we are saying it. But this is the age of mobile phones and Internet chatrooms, and uncomfortable silences are precisely what we are trying to fill. We say, write and repeat things that we do not truly believe; things that we do not know whether we believe or not; things that others have told us to believe; things that we believe because we have never challenged ourselves; and things that are without value to anyone in any language and which are not so entertaining when we meet with them in physical form. I know a woman who writes murder stories. She is afraid of everyone and everything. I tell her that she is a victim of the world she has created, but she does not get it.

We are living in realities in which the sweepings from the floor’s lifetimes in the form of our own and other people’s negativity,  give us (to borrow Roger Water’s memorable line from The Wall) ‘thirteen channels of shit to tune into’. At least thirteen, and they are all in our heads.

If realities are made in such an unconscious way, just consider what might be the result if we made them consciously. If we had clear intentions, talked less, spoke positively when we did talk and were conscious of what we are saying.

The shamans of old Lapland used sound in a way that we Westerners have largely forgotten although the Nichiren Buddhist tradition has re introduced it to the West, and various New Age techniques have played around the edges of this field of knowledge.

But, in fact, the only knowledge we need is that which could make us willing to try this way of being until it proves itself to us. Try it for just a day and then use your imagination to work out for yourself what this might mean over a period of time.

There are a handful of years left before 2012.  Instead of hammering nails into the box lid why not use the time to create a positive outcome for yourself? 

Clarify the outcome that you want for yourself. Do not do this hastily. What you decide and nurture will be the seed from which the reality will manifest. Make sure you are planting the right seed and confine yourself to a goal for yourself and those for whom you are immediately responsible. It will take more energy than you have to save the world from itself; so concentrate on saving yourself from your own negativity. That is task enough! Don’t get stuck on money. What comes after you have the money? A raft made of pound notes or dollar bills is still only raft. And don’t waste your time on a vision that you yourself will continue to view as an unrealisable fantasy because you will sabotage yourself.

Envision yourself living in this reality. Attend to this vision every day, recalling it and giving it energy. As you do so make out loud an O sound from your chest. If you want to make O an Om then do so, if you can do it without getting anxious about your entitlement to use this sound. See the sound creating a ring like a smoke ring. Gold is a good colour for these rings. Make the sound on successive breaths until the ring is big enough to enfold like a lasso, the image that you have created. Then, stop the O sound and make out loud statements that affirm the image you have created (I am in…; I have...; I am doing…) After this, and with deep in-breaths, draw the ring and what it is enfolding very consciously into your aura. 

If, before you start this exercise, you are aware that you need to clear the atmosphere of negativity which has leaked out during the course of the day, do so by banging something: a ruler on a desk, a spoon against a pan in a steady and determined way. Percussive sounds have a banishing effect which is probably why they are so attractive to young children trying to clear some space in an anxious adult world in which to live and have some fun.

Do not talk unnecessarily or negatively about anything.

Do this every day and  it will eventually overlay whatever your thirteen channels of shit want to throw up  because these impressions have been formed by default i.e., in the absence of consciousness and they are no match for directed power  generated by a clear intention.

Suzanne Rough / May 2008

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