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Ten Principles of Conscious Living

1: A New Relationship with Ageless Truths

Many years ago now, in response to a question about right and wrong, DK drew a circle. Locating a point just above to the centre of the circle, he then drew a line which, when it reached the rim, went clockwise around it to another point on its opposite side. This, he said, was right.

He then drew another line from the same near-centre point which, when it reached the rim, went anti clockwise around it and arrived at the same point on the opposite side. This, he said, was wrong.

If you draw this yourself and meditate upon it, casting judgement may no longer be so easy. The anti-clockwise line may be longer but, eventually, it reaches the same point.

Some personalities and some threads of consciousness are designed to go anticlockwise rather than clockwise.

This does not mean that there are no valid distinctions between right and wrong to be made by a spiritually aware person, but it does show the process of evolving consciousness expels nothing and will eventually call everything back no matter which way round the circle it is travelling.

With this in mind, consider that it may be beneficial rather than not to the development of consciousness that one generation rejects the values and guidance of the established spiritual values and mores to take the risk of establishing a new relationship with the objective perennial truths which are the bedrock of our spiritual and religious systems. Too long have we churned out the sentimental and simplistic view that older societies have a better connection with the truth and that we will try and imitate them. If we do that we will never convert into opportunities the challenges that arise in modern life.

The rejection of the old values creates an opportunity to replace the habitual response with something that may encourage a more confident clockwise motion. As with any relationship, our relationship to spiritual knowledge is dulled by habituality and a sense of duty. To break and remake may restore vitality.   It may, of course, have just the reverse effect because the old may not be replaced by anything that can serve consciousness. All developments which hold out a major opportunity to consciousness contain a risk. One of the greatest of these risks has been the development of the Western style individuality.  We can either make it work for us or it will send us home by the longer route.

The Magian astrologers of Afghanistan who have a custodial role on the planet and with whom the DK Foundation has had some dealings at different times in the past 7 years, consider that the dye is cast and that, of itself, Western individuality ensures anti-clockwise development. This view comes across in a very uncompromising way in recent conversation with the Magi on the matter of 2012 and is just the kind of challenge the personality needs to bring it into a state of awareness.

Hopefully, this latest round of conversations will be available in published form by Christmas 2005.

The DK Foundation’s approach to astrology is based upon the need that we have to make our strong personalities serve the process of alignment with the soul. The way forward for our strong personalities is via purpose to the development of  Spiritual Will.

KH has long been anxious to reintroduce ten commandments in the form of ten principles for every day living in order that a new generation who may not have heard, understood or accepted them in another form may reconnect with these perennial truths.

The Ten Commandments of Everyday life

1. Know where you are and what you are doing at every moment of the day - avoid drifting, daydreaming and fantasising.

2. Have your intention always before you -set goals for the day and at regular intervals during the day realign yourselves with them and confirm intention.

3. Keep your living and working environment clean and tidy.

4. Dispel negative emotion as a matter of psychic hygiene as you would wash your hands after coming into contact with anything unclean.

5. Be honest in deed and truthful in word – avoid exaggeration and compromising the truth for the sake of a good line.

6. Show appreciation to others at every opportunity.

7. Donate some time and effort every day to the world at large: e.g., pick up litter, feed the birds, put out water for animals, plant something – avoid becoming motivated by the gratitude of others and the expectation of reward.

8. Do not meet anger with anger.

9. Do not gossip or bitch about others, the weather, life – or indeed, anything else.

10. Do not watch TV as the default setting for free time – your mind is being controlled and your emotions manipulated.

We will look at each of these ten principles in turn, commencing  next  month with know where you are and what you are doing at any moment of the day.
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