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We are born with a purpose. We share with the rest of the human family the task of transforming energy. This is our contribution to the system in which we take out place. How we transform energy depends upon our personalities. This gives us our individual purpose.

The living out of our lives here on Earth involves us in the use and development of certain energies in line with the design of our personalities. Yet, just as a muscle or limb can be exercised with or without the application of tension, so a life can be lived with or without awareness of its purpose. If attention and effort is applied to the task, the results on both cases will be markedly different.

The Foundation approaches spirituality by requiring a person to become himself by living consciously (with the 'application of tensioní) the life which his personality furnishes. Each personality has its own purpose and is a package of opportunities. The natal chart reveals this.

Our approach does not involve asking a person to conform to some preconceived idea of how people must be in order to progress spiritually, but is concerned rather with using astrology to read the plan of his life, in order to find who he is and in what his development consists. It is not asking him to deny, bypass or lose his personality, but rather to use the vehicle of personality to manifest the soul. This is the path of evolution.

We all walk this path, lifetime after lifetime, unaware so often of the process in which we are participants, but it can be walked with consciousness. It takes courage to walk this path consciously. It takes courage to dispense with social and spiritual formulations, to place oneself at the centre of one's life, to recognize one's rightful direction, regardless of the contemporary view of what is involved in being a 'spiritual person' That is likely to be little more than a fashion statement, and should be treated as such. It requires a major shift in expectation to be willing to 'reinstate' the personality and let it manifest the soul. So much teaching over so many years has taught us to distrust and denigrate the personality, and see the 'small self' as the enemy of the higher self.

Fulfilling the potential of our personality involves becoming. It involves striving to realize the purpose of our life, and in doing this we bring ourselves into harmony with what is happening throughout Creation. The whole of Creation is involved in the struggle to become, and every form, from the highest to the lowest, has its purpose. Man has the opportunity to fulfill his purpose consciously.

Purpose is a certain way of being, a certain quality of consciousness. For man that may recommend a specific form of expression, a specific activity or undertaking. That is an aspect of purpose, but the glamour which attaches itself to doing and to the recognition that doing brings, tends to obscure from us the fact that purpose is being, and not simply doing. If we know what our purpose is then we know the direction in which we are heading. We know then what our lives need to involve and include, and therefore we have the means to prioritize and the criteria for sound decision-making.

It takes courage to find this out because of the responsibilities which ensue. To know is to have a responsibility to honor this knowingness. Inevitably, we will bring conflict into our lives if we make and stand by decisions whose effect is progressive. We will create conflict with others and within ourselves because the process of becoming requires us to leave behind what we have been; to leave behind certain people, certain attitudes, and the comfort of what is familiar, on all levels. Yet there is no transformation where there is no inner conflict. New Age thinking has shown a great willingness to overlook this fact in its emphasis upon the feel-good factor. Where there is not conflict, there is not transformation and there is not, therefore, any real development. To make and to see through progressive decisions will generate transformative conflict.

The Foundationís approach to horoscopy enables the natal chart to be used to both define purpose and support progressive decision-making. But what we are offering will be of interest only to certain people. Those people will be ready to come to the centre of their own lives and say: I have come from that, I am willing to make my peace with the past, and I am becoming this, regardless of what it takes, because I know that in fulfilling my purpose I am serving all things striving to fulfill their purpose.

It is for people willing to think in terms of what they can give rather than what they need, willing to find fulfillment in a sense of purpose rather than in emotional or physical gratification. It is for people ready to develop spiritual will by, first, strengthening the mind. Through such people the creative power of spirit will be brought directly into our world in preparation for the decisive time which lies ahead of us.

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